Since my last post I seem to have hit an all time low medically. I even had to go back to the doctors 4 times in one day earlier this week. I'm not sure if now being an 'urgent case' is a good thing or not? I want answers and I want treatment but it's also quite concerning. However I am getting very ill very fast so I am just waiting for the phone call to go back into hospital.

With the cold season about to creep in, I thought I would recommend some essential comforts and remedies to stock up on that get help me through the days when I feel unwell (which is everyday so I've tried many many things)  These are non specific general rescues that I think are the best if you are feeling a bit under the weather or want to prevent feeling yucky!

1. THE HOT WATER BOTTLE has to be my ultimate comfort. If you don't have one - shame on you. Not only are they obviously perfect for warming us up when we are chilly, but heat is amazing for easing aches and pains. If you are struggling to nod off, having a hot water bottle with you in bed will help you relax and ease tension. They are just great. Just make sure the lid is screwed on properly or you will get burnt (True story)

2. GINGER WINE or ginger tea if you prefer, so good for easing that horrible tight chest and sore throat that haunts us every winter. It's really warming and a little amount will work wonders. If you don't like ginger mulled wine is also really good or a shot of brandy takes the edge off! (shot not the whole bottle)

3. WINTER MOISTURISER AND LIP CARE because it's bad enough when winter is taking its toll on the inside, but when you have to deal with the effects of winter skin it's only going to make you feel worse. I recommend Liz Earle winter lotion (All natural ingredients because your skin doesn't need any more bother from perfumed products) Also vaseline the obvious choice for troubled lips needing some TLC

4. TIGER BALM - The best stuff ever! If you have never tried it trust me when I say you will not regret buying it and you will never look back. It is great for pain, relieving headaches and migraine's, helping you sleep, helping you relax, basically any problem you may be suffering with it will help. I would not be without the product!!

5. A SPOONFUL OF HONEY HELPS THE MEDICINE GO DOWN It's unbelievably good for us, it kills bacteria and is great for general cold symptoms. I don't like a spoonful of honey myself, but nor do I like shots of vodka and I would do one, or two, or five without putting up much of a fight. Force it down! (or wimp out and mix it with a hot drink)

6. FRUIT/ HERBAL TEAS. Tastes lovely, you get an endless amount of flavours aimed towards specific problem areas and they are packed full of goodness. Obviously a standard tea with milk isn't going to hurt either but herbal teas give you extra brownie points because they are so damn healthy. I actually prefer the aldi brand to popular brand twinnings...

7. AROMATHERAPY (Scented candles to you and me) It's a candle, they are pretty and they smell nice what more is there to say? Perfect for helping you to relax, unwind, de-stress etc etc. I love a candlelit bath, ohhh heaven.

So there we have it. My list of top things to get you through the next few months. Obviously along with these things using some common sense and getting a good nights sleep, staying warm, drinking plenty, not deciding to spontaneously dance outside naked when its pouring with rain, vitamin C etc etc will also help you out quite a bit too! 

Anyone else have any items they swear by to survive the winter or general patches of feeling unwell?
Under the weather essentials


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