Hi everyone, Happy month of December to you all! Finally there seems to be a glimpse of some light in the distance for me - quite literally thanks to my neighbours flashing Christmas lights covering their house. 2012 is soon going to be over and i am more than ready to say goodbye to what has been such a horrific year for me, and bring in 2013 with a new start where I can begin to accept my illness and the recent news that it is long term, unknown and there is no cure, and start to find ways of coping and moving forward as best I can.

Thankfully in a couple of weeks all my close friends will be home from uni and I will actually have friends nearby to keep me company, and we can snuggle up together watching Christmas films, and make the most of the holidays together :)

For me, as I am so limited on how much I can do in a day before it is too much and I relapse in some way, I know that a lot of things I would normally enjoy doing around this time of year are off the cards. No Christmas parties, no Christmas shopping, no long walks in the cold with my boyfriend looking at Christmas lights, no walking at all, certainly no long walks at all, no boyfriend here at all (He has been in Spain since September because of work *Cries*) 

However I plan on embracing all things festive that I might not have done normally. I am going to spend bad days in bed making hand-made Christmas cards, decorations and presents. Inviting my friends over for tea and mince pies to make up for my lost 'party time' Watching Christmas films one after the other with my brother, and make my mum chauffeur me on a Christmas lights car tour for a change this year! 

This year all I want for Christmas is to have 1 day where I am not in pain or ill, and I can enjoy some time with my family. Forget fancy gifts, it's past that now, I just want a normal day... please Santa!?

In summary, here is a list of good and bad things about being poorly around Christmas time:

:( Bad:

  • You might not actually be able to get out of bed on Christmas day
  • You might get out of bed on Christmas day but you might not be able to stomach that lovely dinner
  • You might stomach the lovely dinner but it will make you sick after
  • You can't enjoy a nice glass or 10 of your favourite alcoholic beverage because of medication
  • You are poor and can't afford to buy people nice gifts to say thanks for all the support and love throughout the year
  • You can't join friends for festivities outside of the house or outside at all
  • No reason to go out and spend hours looking for the perfect party dress
  • Travelling is not wise so visiting family and friends far away isn't possible

:) Good:

  • No shop hustle and bustle and fights with people over the last item on the shelf
  • No extra shifts at work, being forced to work late or days you really shouldn't have to work - like boxing day when you should still be in bed in a food coma.
  • You can stay at home in the warm and make the most of the TV schedule and Christmas films
  • You can make festive things from the comfort of your own bed
  • You have an excuse to stay in your PJS for the whole of Christmas day
  • You appreciate the tiny things so much more!
Festive reflections


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