I've been wanting to start up a blog for quite some time now, and finally here I am actually doing it. I should probably start off being polite and introducing myself!

I am Hayley-Eszti Szucs, (It's Hungarian in case you were wondering) I am 20 years old and a hopeless romantic. I like tea quite a lot, especially if it comes with cake, my good friends needle and thread, the beach, red lippy, and days when I can walk up and down the stairs hassle free! That might sound a little strange, but it may help to explain why I've decided to start blogging and maybe a little bit more about me...

Quick history: Former actress/dancer who chose to leave behind a life of lights camera action for a life with  plenty of sun and comical European outfits when I moved to Spain in 2011 to teach children English and attempt to become a senorita, ole! I lived in EspaƱa for 1 year and it's where I met my boyfriend and fell in love (Soppy 'aw' moment) But, sadly I fell extremely ill at the start of 2012 and had to return back home to the UK. I could go into great detail explaining the whole illness thing but quite frankly it is not overly important at this point, all you need to know is that here I am 10 months later, not one bit better and desperately in need of an escape from a life suddenly dominated by doctors!

I really want to use my blog to share with others my experiences and opinions on certain health related topics. However, I do not want to be all 'I went to the doctors today, bla bla bla'

I want to share how I deal with trying to be 'normal' and young and continue to do what defined me as a person before I was faced with obstacles.
I want to try and incorporate fashion, style and creativity within my blog too - It might be hard to picture now but I hope it will all become clear over time! I've got some ideas already about future posts and I'm actually looking forward to getting stuck in! Anything that is going to get me out of covering everything I own in studs due to bed bound boredom I'm sure my wardrobe will be grateful of! (Studs are great don't get me wrong, but when everything you own has been studded top to bottom you can start to look like you have a fetish for metal or something)

I will leave you now with some photos of myself, those closest to me and things that I guess just about sum me up!



Apologies for bad picture quality most of them were taken on my phone or old rubbish camera but you get the picture (haha)

So here I go, entering the unknown, I feel quite nervous!  

H x

Charmed, I'm sure


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