M.E Awareness Week #1

I was really overwhelmed with the amount of support I received on Sunday after my International M.E Awareness Day post, thanks to everyone who took time to read the post, or write to me after with words of support and hope. It makes the long and tedious days of struggle that little bit easier knowing people are taking time to support and encourage recovery.

Lots of great things were done all over the world on Sunday helping to raise awareness, The Niagara falls was lit blue and purple - the colours of the M.E and Fibromyalgia badges - how amazing is that, it looked stunning!

Niagara Falls Blue International M.E Awareness Day

Following Sunday, this week is national M.E awareness week here in the UK, and as promised I will be sharing more posts with you in its honour! Unfortunately I had surgery yesterday so I'm feeling the effects of that quite badly so todays post is only a short one but it's full of lots of pictures, yay! This is just to put a perspective on things. People with M.E regularly hear all sorts of ludicrous things, such as:

'You don't look sick'
'It's all in your head'
'You are lucky it isn't serious'
'At least you get to be lazy and stay in bed and watch films all the time'
'Quit exaggerating, you just need to get out and do things'
'I get tired too, I must have M.E'
'You have pills, why are you still moaning'

Plus many other weird remarks. This is the way we humour ourselves in other peoples ignorance and when we just need a much needed chuckle to ourselves.

As always I will be happy to answer any questions you have. I'm really open about everything so if you are sat there thinking 'I wonder how it affects this' or 'do they get this symtom' pop a comment below or email me. Please keep supporting the people with M.E and their families by being educated on it :)

Lots of Love,




  1. Just wanted to let you know that I just posted your guest post on my blog. Will come back and read this post later, have to go walk my dogs now. Take care. ~ Inger

  2. Hello Hayley I do hope you are feeling better after your surgery. I have popped over from Inger's Blog where you wrote a guest post. I am so glad I read this I understand a little about the "All in your head" "You don't look sick" etc etc as I have Fibromyalgia I do understand. Awareness of these types of diseases are the only way people could understand. You are doing a service to us all. Take care and hugs.Praying you have more good days than bad. Hug B

  3. Hello, Hayley, I will refer my daughter who also has a chronic illness to your blog. She sometimes wishes she had someone nearer her age to discuss how it feels to have to deal with something no one can 'see'. She's had to adjust her life around her illness, and many of her friends (not the good ones) used to accuse her of faking so she didn't have to work. It's affected every part of her life.

    You're very brave and I hope you recover from the surgery soon. All the medications take their own toll. Good luck and stay strong in your will to manage the illness.

  4. I just read this post and I hope you will feel better from your surgery soon. I will keep your post up on my blog for a couple of days and hope for lots more visits. So, when you feel up to it, please come over and read my blogger friends' comments. I have a group of very nice people who comment on my blog and they have become real good friends. Are you, BTW, of Hungarian descent? My first husband was from Hungary and had the Sz in his name, so I was Mrs. Szekely for a while. That's why I thought I'd ask, plus you are also beautiful, like most of the Hungarian women I met.

    How great that they did that at Niagara Falls for M. E. , they look just stunning. It will take time, but I hope some really brilliant scientists will get on this illness and learn something that will help. Take care.

  5. Thanks for sharing and stay positive and strong, you cope so well

  6. I came over from Inger's blog & I'm going to be a follower. I hope you recover from your surgery soon!! Please keep educating me & bloggerland on M.E. I was not aware of the existence of this debilitating disease.

  7. HI again, just wanted to let you know that I dedicated my post of today, Friday, to you. I so admire your strength and I just wanted to let you know that. So I had some photos of oak trees that to me symbolize strength and I dedicated them to you. Some of my blogger friends left some nice comments for you, so when you get a chance, go check them out. Hope you are recovering OK from your surgery. Take care ~ Inger

  8. It looks amazing at niagara falls! These pics made me laugh, a close relative has M.E and I can almost here her saying these things herself! I'll link her to your blog I'm sure she would like to read it. Keep posting, you have a lot of people rooting for you and who love your blog
    Love Ellie Springtown


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