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As my time here in Spain draws to an end, (for the summer at least) My boyfriend and I decided to take a little trip to the mountains. The drive is about 30 minutes from the house and it's definitely a very scenic route! We drove up the winding roads and the first stop was one of our favourite lakes. We were able to admire the view but sadly to get down to the water requires a lot of walking down steep rocks, something that I am not able to do in my chronically ill state, much to my disappointment as the water looked so refreshing! 

It worked out really well though, because we decided to drive further north and we were so lucky to find an amazing spot on the roadside with some absolutely stunning views. It was so peaceful, and so beautiful. The temperature was perfect too, escaping 40 degrees for a while meant that we weren't uncomfortable. The only thing that made me uncomfortable was a big wild lizard which ran out on me and scared me to death! That and Alex getting too close to the edge.

It was a lovely way to spend the last day off Alex will have before I leave, and as always I appreciated being able to leave the house, especially to be able to do it in such relaxing surroundings. I'm not sure how high up we were exactly, but it was high! The ants up there were HUGE, There were also lots of pretty butterflies flying around. Luckily no bears. All we could see for miles were mountains, water and one house in the distance - god knows how far they have to travel to do their food shopping.

Feel free to leave a comment telling me how jealous you are...

Enjoy your week! 




  1. Yes, I'm jealous of the views and your being in Spain. Those are great photos! Thanks for sharing.

    Hope your trip back home is pleasant and carefree.

  2. Tell Alex to get back from the edge--it makes me nervous, too!!

  3. What gorgeous scenery, such wonderful memories for you to take back with you to England. Love the pictures of the two of you, so cute. So happy that you have Alex in your life.

  4. wow it looks gorgeous and such a peaceful way to spend the day :-)
    I love the photos of you and Alex too haha. so cute.

    Francesca xo

  5. I AM jealous! We never manage to go out for a drive, my husband is too busy during the summer and it's too crappy during the winter. Absolutely stunning photos.

  6. Ha ha! Yea, completely jealous too!! It looks divine!!

  7. Great views, glad you were able to experience a decent outing.

  8. OK Hayley-Eszti! I AM JEALOUS! There! Happy?
    What beauty there is in Spain! Great photos and good to meet Alex.

  9. Love it all!!! <3



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