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Recently my lovely big cousin Sarah got married. It was a big family celebration, but also a big personal celebration as it was the first time in two years I was out for the whole day. I had been really looking forward to her big day way before I even got sick, but as the day got closer and closer I started to feel very anxious about it. How would I cope? Would I be able to see the day through? Travelling to Spain was a big enough ordeal but at least I was able to sleep most of the way. I wouldn't be able to have a nap half way through the wedding day, and the whole day would be busy and full on, surrounded by a large amount of loud and excitable (drunk) wedding guests.

It was an early start, my cousin lives two hours away in my birthplace Bedford, and there were no hotel vacancies nearby because it was on the bank holiday weekend and everywhere was fully booked. I struggled to get up as I had slept very little undoubtedly because of the anticipation. I had to make myself look appropriate and fix my hair and make up, something that is such a rarity these days I have more or less forgotten how to do it! That alone is normally enough to wear me out for a couple of hours. We arrived at the church and it seemed as though they had chosen the longest hymns they could. Needless to say repeatedly standing up to sing was very tiring for me and my blood pressure was low which added to the difficulty. I could have stayed sitting but I felt awkward being the only one not standing. By the time the church ceremony had finished my body had just about given up at the first hurdle. I took some time out and sat in the car whilst all the guests mingled and posed for photographs.

The rest of the day was a continuous struggle, but at least it was a fun one! A costume filled photo booth helped keep me smiling and took my mind off the pain for a while. Once we were seated at our tables ready to eat, I started to feel very ill. I was about to pass out. We were half way through the day and I had already burnt out. My dad helped me out of the room and I went and fainted in private. Nobody should outshine the bride on her day and I definitely didn't want to be the one to cause a fuss! I decided it was best that I got some peace and was able to go to my aunts house for a while to have a little rest.

The last part of the day was possibly the hardest part for me - the party. The DJ was in place, lights dimmed and drinks flowing. I lost count of how many times I said 'I don't/can't drink alcohol' to the various people offering me one! I spent the rest of the night watching people dance the night away, which was highly entertaining especially when out of nowhere one of the guests starting break dancing. The noise was quite unbearable and by this time my whole body was in so much pain but I was determined not to cut the night short for the rest of my family who were having a great time. 

I stuck it out and I am proud of myself for doing so. Sometimes you have to put others before your own pain and exhaustion and grin and bare it. It was a lovely day, my cousin and her now husband looked so happy. I am so glad I got to share their special day with them, and I can safely say that more than 2 weeks after I have just about recovered! I think I win for being the guest with the worst 'hangover'



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  1. You are a great cousin and friend to do this and stick it out for the whole thing!!! I have done weddings ill and they are no easy feat. But I'm always glad in retrospect that I shared in the memories even though at the time they can be pretty difficult.

  2. So glad you were able to attend AND enjoy it!!

  3. Well done, great that you were able to shair their day despite feeling very ill. You look very pretty and very much like your cousin!

  4. A lovely gesture Hayley and a great wedding gift for your cousin.....your presence.

  5. Next time - if you find yourself in the situation - don't stand for the hymns! I just sit, even if it does look odd. It is a killer to stand like that. As soon as I even stand still in my kitchen without moving for more than about 30 seconds I get the POTS sweats/shakes/fainting symptoms... so standing in a church like that is a recipe for disaster.

    I am glad you got to go and that you were able to be there for your cousin. She looked really beautiful. I love her dress.


  6. Your all looked bloody stunning! I'm happy you were able to go as well :)
    enjoyed this post

    Hamida X

  7. You are such an amazing woman and I am so glad you were able to see the day through with a smile on your face. Take care, OK....

  8. I have to agree with @WigTastic in the advice not to stand up for hymns. Last year I went to a family wedding, and while it doesn't sound quite as exhausting as yours, the worst part was having to move about and stand around while the photos were being taken (thankfully someone brought out a chair for me, as otherwise I think I may have collapsed).

    I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself, and have been able to recover, every small step is the step in the right direction.

  9. How beautiful! Many congratulations to her, love her dress!
    xo TJ


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