I've neglected my blog this past month. It wasn't the best month for me, many bad days, hospital trips, and the last session of my surgery for precancerous cells. It wasn't all bad though as being back in England meant I could see my family and catch up with my friends (we like posing) which helped weigh out all the negatives September brought.

It always seems just as I am getting settled in I'm off again. I have not long been back in Madrid after 7 weeks being back home by the seaside. My flight didn't go too well this time and it has put me off travelling for a while. Being away from my boyfriend is always hard and this time was no exception. In true M.E style post surgery I was not feeling too great. My body had taken a good battering and I'm still suffering now and I believe I will be for a while yet before I start to feel 'normal' again (Hayley normal anyway which isn't normal at all really...)

I feel very lucky that I have escaped the cold for a little while longer - I really really really don't like winter! It isn't hot any more but it is still quite warm and perfect for taking a nice long walk or bike ride, if only I could! It doesn't get dark until about 8 so if I spend most of the day sleeping I still feel like I have seen some daylight at least.

That's all for now anyway, here are some photos to sum up September/the start of October :)

Lots of Love




  1. I hope you get back to "Hayley-normal" SOON!!

  2. Good luck with the recovery! Hope you get to see some of the colours of autumn soon.

    1. Thanks! I like it when the trees turn a gorgeous red it's just the cold temperatures I'm not a fan of

  3. Hope you're feeling a little better each day!
    Carrie, The Just Mildly Medicated gal ;)

    1. Getting there very very slowly, and I hope you are too Carrie :)


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