My Christmas

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a great Christmas!? I had hoped to put a post up before the big day wishing you all a Merry Christmas but I went into hospital on the 23rd which wasn't fun but I'm so glad I wasn't in hospital for Christmas day. I had a really lovely relaxed time at home with family and friends and although Christmas has been a big struggle for me, I've been getting well looked after and pampered. As I had been in Spain for a while I have had lots of TV to catch up on, amazing food I missed and of course all the usual festive luxuries! I'm pretty sure I've eaten half my body weight in mince pies and quality street. l also feel very lucky as I got some very nice gifts including an ill person survival kit which was very thoughtful as well as practical! You know you've got problems when you start receiving vitamins and health supplies wrapped up in Christmas paper.

Christmas time is always a difficult time for me as I first fell ill three Christmases ago, I wish I could open a big box of good health on Christmas day but it doesn't quite work like that! I have taken so many photos this past week but most of them family ones so I won't upload any of those, I don't think my mum would be happy to know her merry post sherry rosey cheeked face is out there for the world to see.

How was your Christmas? I hope it was all you wanted it to be!

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  1. Glad u enjoyed it all. I am suffering now as well :( Love the pic of tea bag card!

  2. Hope the new year is good to you!!

  3. I like that huge snowman by the fireplace! Glad the Christmas Day was fun. I took lots of phots of ornaments in case I need them for future Christmas posts. You should do that before you put your seasonal things away. It's a good way to accumulate photos and add to your existing stock of photos. Take care of yourself and see you in 2014!

  4. Happy Christmas Hayley, I hope the hospital on the 23rd didn't spoil your Christmas too much. Love your photos and glad to hear you enjoyed being back home in England. Here's to a happy and healthy New Year. Odd coincidence I guess but it was 3 years ago this Christmas that I became ill too. Hope 2014 brings you that big box of health that you crave. Jx

  5. Sorry to hear you were in hospital, but glad you were home to get looked after and pampere. Hope the new year brings you better health!


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