Hi everyone Happy Easter weekend! 
Good Friday was a very good day for me because for the first time in months I went out! For any first time readers thinking what the earth? You don't go out? I have severe M.E which has left me house bound and I am rarely able to get out of bed. 

It was somewhat a milestone in my journey with M.E, because not only did I go out, but I managed to do so for a couple of hours without any major interferences - no fits, no passing out, just a normal outing, and that hasn't happened in a long time. Of course any major activity I do I pay the price for. Only a couple of hours out have left me in an awful lot of pain and as soon as I got home I was extremely sick and I haven't stopped experiencing some very nasty symptoms as a result since, but it's a sacrifice we have to make. It might be a shocking realisation to some people who don't really know much about M.E, but it's just part of it, I'm lucky I could even go out at all, even if I won't be able to move for at least a week!

We went to a forest not too far away, it was absolutely freezing and being in the wheelchair makes it extra cold because you're just sitting there not moving, but I refuse to go out with one of those wheelchair blankets my family often joke about buying me! Seriously though ... Isn't it meant to be spring now? Snow please will you disappear until next winter? NOBODY LIKES YOU!
My wheels kept getting stuck in the dusty sandy paths which was quite annoying but we saw the funny side to it, we didn't really consider that before going but at least Alex got a free workout! I was so happy to be outside with my boyfriend and it was so refreshing doing something to make me feel kind of like me again! Hopefully I will soon start to feel I can do it more often as I have noticed I am doing basic tasks I was unable to do a few months ago more easily, so that is a good sign, but I just need to concentrate on taking one step at a time.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the Easter weekend, Have you done / doing anything special?

Lots of Love
The Easter Bunny Hayley-Eszti x
Out for the first time in months!

I've had a pretty bad couple of weeks, hence the no blogging! My brain fog (cognitive disorder) has been spiralling out of control and for those unsure what I mean by this, one of my symptoms is that I find it extremely difficult to function mentally, I am prone to confusion, memory loss, I can't concentrate on anything etc etc so it's quite bothersome and one of my most disabling symptoms in a way, I can't even watch TV it's extremely interfering with everyday life (and very annoying)
I've been trying to look into coping mechanisms for this, be it medication, natural remedies or whatever, but so far I've only seen 'rest rest rest' which of course to some degree will benefit me, but when I am always resting it gets slightly tiresome (excuse the pun) so anything to go alongside rest will be warmly welcomed. 

Today I saw an occupational therapist for the first time, I'm slightly sceptical about how much this will benefit me over the next few months, as I've heard so many stories but I'm willing to try anything if there's a possibility it could help my health improve. Have any of you fellow M.E'ers given it a go? Any thoughts on it? 

I've also got the worst skin ever at the moment thanks to my anemia  I was a fairly lucky teenager with relatively good skin just the odd spot every month, but now it's like I've gone back to being 14 again, I need recommendations on how to try and beat anemic skin E.G Grey, pale, spotty, soooo dry and generally disgusting. Like I don't feel bad enough about how I look these days, I've got this tormenting me now too!

Other than that I don't have much else to say, pretty boring post I know but I've literally just been bed bound and done nothing at all.

Peace & Love etc etc

Hayley-Eszti x

M.E update


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