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I hope you all had a great Christmas!? I had hoped to put a post up before the big day wishing you all a Merry Christmas but I went into hospital on the 23rd which wasn't fun but I'm so glad I wasn't in hospital for Christmas day. I had a really lovely relaxed time at home with family and friends and although Christmas has been a big struggle for me, I've been getting well looked after and pampered. As I had been in Spain for a while I have had lots of TV to catch up on, amazing food I missed and of course all the usual festive luxuries! I'm pretty sure I've eaten half my body weight in mince pies and quality street. l also feel very lucky as I got some very nice gifts including an ill person survival kit which was very thoughtful as well as practical! You know you've got problems when you start receiving vitamins and health supplies wrapped up in Christmas paper.

Christmas time is always a difficult time for me as I first fell ill three Christmases ago, I wish I could open a big box of good health on Christmas day but it doesn't quite work like that! I have taken so many photos this past week but most of them family ones so I won't upload any of those, I don't think my mum would be happy to know her merry post sherry rosey cheeked face is out there for the world to see.

How was your Christmas? I hope it was all you wanted it to be!

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My Christmas

I'm all for recycling, up cycling, and using free or natural resources for your crafts - if spending money can be avoided I'm all for it! This year I have been making some garden stick inspired tree ornaments / present tags / whatever. I thought they would make a cute little way to say thanks to those that have helped looked after me this year and I really can't resist making some Christmas themed crafts. I admit they are pretty amateur but I still thought I'd share them as you might even fancy having a go yourself.

3D bird
Cut out two same sized bird templates onto some paper of your choice. Wrap the pointy end of the top bird template and the wing around a pencil to give a slight curl. Cut a small rectangle with a point for the tail and stick together the parts. Then add your twig feet and ribbon or thread for hanging plus any extra pretty decoration like my patterned wing and diamantes. So simple but super sweet! (I have to admit it looks much better in real life!)

Twig Christmas Tree
All you need is a selection of sticks in various sizes and a larger stick to use as the ' trunk'  Using a glue gun will work best for this one but be careful not to burn your fingers!

This is so basic i doubt I even need to write anything but I will anyway. Cut the face of your reindeer onto some card, stick on some twig antlers onto the back along with some hanging thread and draw on the face making sure to apply a red nose! A little tip - make the thread slightly longer than the antlers so it will hang nicely.

These sticks are wrapped in coloured thread (you could also use wool) Wrap your thread around the sticks and then stick them together to make the letter you wish to create. I think these will be nice to put onto a wrapped gift for an extra personal touch using the initial and favourite colours of the receiver.

I think the bird is my favourite :) Sticking with sticks for Xmas inspiration, here are a few more ideas I think are really good. What are we thinking? Are we liking using supplies from outdoors for decorating? I think it´s a pretty good idea.

In other news, I will be going back home to England for Christmas. I´m so excited!

x Hayley-Eszti

Stick Inspired DIY Christmas Decorations


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