I know I'm a bit late saying this and I did plan to post this last week but I had the chicken pox (for the second time in my life. Grumpy face. Like the first time round didn't leave me with enough scars! Anyway... I want to wish you all a very happy new year! I wish you all good health, and I hope all my spoonie friends with chronic illnesses find their symptoms improve some this year. I hope 2014 brings you all lots of happiness.

I want to thank everyone who followed my blog throughout 2013, for supporting me, and taking the time to write such sweet things to me, without sounding like a cliche it means so much to me and it's so nice to know that I have so many people rooting for me to recover behind my computer screen. I met some absolutely lovely people last year through blogging and I hope this year will be the same.

I'm now suffering with the January blues like I do every year :( but I should be back to blogging more often again now that all of the excitement has died down and things are getting back to normal.

2014, please be good to us!

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  1. 2014, please be good to us! - I second that!
    January is quiet to allow us to organize ourselves. I get lots of writing done during this time, as outside isn't as tempting. Hang in there.

  2. happy new year :D


  3. Take care in 2014 and hope all goes well for you and Alex. Think we all get new year blues!

  4. Have a wonderful 2014 & FEEL BETTER!!!

  5. Hope you are feeling better Hayley and yes lets hope 2014 is a good one for all of us :) x

  6. And Happy New Year to you!!
    Oh those January Blues! You are not alone Hayley-Eszti. Here's to the best for you and yours in 2014!!

  7. I hope this new year will be good to you. I am so glad I posted that post of yours, as I see above that three of my long-time blogger friends became your friends too through that post. And I know that when last I looked, your post had close to 500 views, so your words have spread. Hugs from the canyon......


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