Having a friend who makes and works with wigs comes in pretty handy when you have an illness which causes extreme exhaustion, meaning you rarely get the chance to play around and have some fun with your hair without causing a burn out! I had a super fun time being real life hair doll for my friend and playing about with all of the different looks. I used to love trying new hair styles and regularly mixing it up, but these days I don't have the energy for that which made this 10x more fun. The little girl within me has never grown out of lusting over and dreaming of having the perfect head of hair, so I jump at any chance to spruce up my Barnett. I really like the light brown wig, and the long blonde one made me feel like a doll. Which one do you like?
Check out my friends work here he's amazing at what he does, and makes a lot of his wigs from scratch, pretty nifty huh!

Hayley-Eszti x

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Wigs and weave

Meet the newest member of the family, Barney, AKA MR adorable. He has been living with my Auntie and Uncle for 4 years, but sadly he started fighting with their other dog so it was the best thing for them to be separated before it got ugly, so we thought he should come and live with us so we know he will have a good home and we can keep him in the family. He is such a lovely, affectionate dog and loves cuddles, he is going to be the best company! We haven't had a dog since our dog of 15 years passed away a few years ago (despite my best efforts to persuade my Mum to get another furry friend) so finally our home feels complete again. I'm sure you will be seeing more of this little guy on the blog, my phone is already full of a ton of photos, he is such a poser!

I hope everyone has had a good weekend, just a short post from me today as I'm recovering from travelling to Bedford to visit the family and pick up Barmy Barney so I'm not feeling too great, but thankful I managed the trip.
Have a great week lovely readers :)

x Hayley-Eszti

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Meet Barney!

I've had a few requests to share my experiences with various tests and ordeals I have had to go through since getting ill, to help get an official diagnosis, and also further tests to help rule out or discover which ever the case may be, any additional problems. I will share my experiences with the tests so if anyone is about to undergo any of them, they should know what to expect and how to prepare to make it as easy and as comfortable as you can.

I will start the series with the lumbar puncture.

What is a lumbar puncture?

A lumbar puncture is a medical procedure where a needle is inserted into the lower part of the spine to look for evidence of conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord or other parts of the nervous system.

My personal experience with the lumbar puncture

Without a doubt, the lumbar puncture was the most horrific most painful experience of my life, and I think of myself as being quite tough. Considering when I had it done I was 'out of it' and mostly completely unaware of what was going on. I have no memory of the night, but I can remember the lumbar puncture, although I wish I didn't. I was in Spain at the time and was rushed into hospital with my first seizure, they thought I was having a stroke. They carried out the procedure and I wasn't under any local anaesthetic, so for me it was pure, although I'm told normally it is done under general anaesthetic. Also, to add to the ordeal, the team of about seven doctors were finding it very difficult to get a reading, which meant I had to have the needle injected around six times. I was screaming and balling like a baby, I'm ashamed to say. It's not like me to make a kick and fuss like that, but every time they said told me I had to go through it again, I naturally like anyone in so much pain begged them no. I was in a bed only divided by a curtain, so the poor people in the department had to hear me, and my poor boyfriend must have felt so helpless, I feel bad people had to hear that.

Following the test, I was admitted into hospital and was not allowed to sit up or stand for a few days, and when I did have to for reasons like using the toilet I was so sick, and had the worst headache I have ever experienced. This is because the cerebrospinal fluid within the spinal canal is low, and you are unbalanced. The fluid was leaking through a hole in my spine for about one week. I had an IV bag full of caffeine, and the nurses kept giving me coffee, because they recommend high levels of caffeine helps decrease the pain and after effects once the procedure has been carried out. Every time I was sick, it tasted of coffee (a really horrible cheap coffee just to add to it) I haven't been able to drink coffee since, which might be a blessing in disguise as coffee is not the best drink in the world for us!

Will my experience be as bad as this?

Since I had the test done, and having researched more into it, I believe generally the procedure isn't as uncomfortable as mine was. If you have one done in an emergency situation like I did, chances are it will be worse, but if you know in advance you will have one done, you will be given better pain relief beforehand and you won't need to be admitted into hospital. Also bare in mind I had the lumbar puncture done whilst abroad in Spain, so certain things will have been done differently. The experience of the Doctor doing the procedure will make a difference, an experienced doctor will mean a better experience for you. It makes me wonder if my Doctor was doing it for the first time! Knowing my luck he/she probably was!

My advice

If you know you will be having a lumbar puncture done, go in and be brave. If it is planned ahead it should be better for you anyway. Stock up on caffeine, and drink lots of it! Lay down as much as you can, do not sit up for anything you don't need to, you might also want to do your business in a bed pan for a few days, not ideal I know but peeing in a bowel is nothing compared to the discomfort you could experience just from standing up for less than a minute. Also consider using a wheelchair upon leaving the hospital, and if you can lay down in the car lay down! 

The lumbar puncture is a big, important procedure, and if the results show any faults they could be life saving. It shouldn't be feared. Once it's done it's done, so the sooner it's over the better. The best of luck to anyone about to have it done, hopefully the results come back as normal.

x Hayley-Eszti

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My lumbar puncture experience


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