Meet Barney!

Meet the newest member of the family, Barney, AKA MR adorable. He has been living with my Auntie and Uncle for 4 years, but sadly he started fighting with their other dog so it was the best thing for them to be separated before it got ugly, so we thought he should come and live with us so we know he will have a good home and we can keep him in the family. He is such a lovely, affectionate dog and loves cuddles, he is going to be the best company! We haven't had a dog since our dog of 15 years passed away a few years ago (despite my best efforts to persuade my Mum to get another furry friend) so finally our home feels complete again. I'm sure you will be seeing more of this little guy on the blog, my phone is already full of a ton of photos, he is such a poser!

I hope everyone has had a good weekend, just a short post from me today as I'm recovering from travelling to Bedford to visit the family and pick up Barmy Barney so I'm not feeling too great, but thankful I managed the trip.
Have a great week lovely readers :)

x Hayley-Eszti

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  1. he's soooooo cute!! x

  2. BARMY BARNEY! *insert loveheart-eyed emoji here*

  3. Hayley he is adorable! What a ridiculously cute face! x

  4. What a cutie!! I'm sure he's in a lovely new home with you now :)


  5. Oh my goodness, so cute.

    Especially how you managed to capture the perfect head turn!!


  6. He's a poser, for sure. And so adorable. I'm looking forward to tons of pictures. I think he will help you feel better too. He's small enough to cuddle with in bed.

  7. Aww he's so lovely! My dog is just the best at cheering me up and keeping me company when I'm feeling especially poorly, so I hope that Barney will do the same for you. I look forward to seeing more of his adventures on your blog :) Hope that you've recovered from the journey and that pain levels have eased a bit now. Sending hugs xx

  8. Barnes is adorable. I have a jack Russell too, they are full of character! xx

  9. Yeah Barney! Welcome aboard you little cutie!
    Hayley-Ezsti this will be great company and therapeutic too.
    he looks very playful, right?


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