You can't see: Invisible illness

Invisible, inhospitable only subtly detectable
To be accused as pretending is completely unacceptable

You can’t see that each day is filled with excruciating pain
It feels like poison is flowing and ripping through my veins

You can’t see the thick black fog that fills my brain
It clouds my memories and all I know, what’s my name again?

You can’t see that my insides are in tatters
Every day I wake to a new day of battle

You don’t see behind closed doors
You don’t see me in a heap on the floor

You don’t see when exhaustion leaves me paralysed
Helplessly laying there I can’t move or talk, I’m terrified

There is often so much more than meets the eye
I have power only in the words that I can write

Don’t judge on only what your eyes can see
The truth might be hidden, they might be sick invisibly, like me.

Remember we all have hidden depths. Don't just assume an illness is always visible. Don't just assume being disabled means being visibly disabled. Invisible illness sufferers have a hard time getting people to believe they are sick, don't be one of those people who questions it. Don't judge them. Invisible illness month is coming to an end, but I will continue to be an advocate. To me invisible illness sufferers are not invisible, I see them, and I see that they are strong.

If you haven't yet seen M.E: The Visual Campaign which highlights invisible illness through photography, see it here here


  1. Love the poem! And I love all the work you do for advocating for invisible illnesses sufferers <3

  2. Like the poem a lot especially the line 'There is often so much more than meets the eye
    I have power only in the words that I can write'

  3. Only just seen the visual campaign, it is beautiful! Amazing!

  4. great post, lovely! x

  5. That was a beautiful poem. I too have an invisible illness, not understood by healthy people. Sometimes my sugars crash and I end up on the floor with the shakes, or my sugars go too high and my brain fogs up. My legs, my feet hurt, I could go blind, and on and on. But, and I say this because I care very much about you and I don't want you to have hurt over injustices added to your already difficult life, do you think you could let those comments and people go? I am not expecting any understanding from any strangers and it sets me free. I wish the same for you, but I sense that these idiots who don't even try to understand your illness are upsetting you. And that's what they are, idiots, uncaring, self-centered people who don't give a hoot about you. So I just wish you could let them go, not allow them to touch you, not let them hurt you. All that becomes easier as we get older, but I wish you to be free of it NOW.

    1. Hi Inger, I can see why you might be led to think that after reading this, but it isn't the case, I wrote this as often the blunt truth hits harder, and I'm just trying to get the point across. I do feel passionately about people being treated fairly, and as I know some of my chronic illness friends haven't been in the past purely because their illness is invisible my emotions are more directed to those who have questioned or said negative things to them. I don't let the rare comments I get personally get to me, it just makes me want to fight harder for awareness! I wrote this post more as an honest reality to get people thinking and hopefully questioning how they treat people who might claim they are ill but don't look it. I hope I haven't worried you, I'm more positive than ever following the positive response to my campaign and I assure you the post had a positive intention to hopefully help raise awareness to our hidden battles. Thank you for caring though my wonderful friend! Xxx

  6. I think everyone has an illness like that somehow, but most people are trying to hide it. Seeing them for what they are can sometimes be very frightening.

    / Avy

  7. Hi again, thank you so much for your reply to my comment. I haven't but from now on I will go back and read your replies. I am sorry I didn't get it that this is part of your campaign to look out for everyone with an invisible illness. I should have been able to get that, but my brain not working right at this time, with all the stress. I will email you soon and let you know what is up. As I said, I have come to care so much for you and didn't want you to get needlessly upset of stupid people. Thanks again for getting back to me.

  8. True words, very well put and it tells the honest truth about invisible illness. Great stuff H-E

  9. After reading this i wont be so quick to judge and assume


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