You all know by now how much I love the beach, right? I just wish I lived in a hot climate where the beach was an exotic paradise everyday of the year, but alas! I live in England, and we all know just how exotic England is...

As a somebody who was bedbound for years, I always appreciate every single day I am able to leave my bed, let alone my house! You always do appreciate things more once you've seen what it is like to go without. This day was one that was even more appreciated because it was a perfect afternoon with perfect company and perfect surroundings, and it was 100% worth the pain and severe sickness that followed. Jake and Charlie, thank you for looking after me and giving me such a special day <3

The beach we were on is actually a nudist beach. Luckily for you no naked people got in the background of any photos, but we just like going there because it's so quiet and we can do whatever we want there - like get naked! Not that we did, just in case you were wondering - you bunch of pervs ;)

It's actually the beach we shot M.E: The Visual Campaign at back in April, but it didn't rain on us this time, thank goodness! It's quite funny actually because Jake and Charlie were my dream team behind the visual campaign, so it must be our lucky beach!

Where do you and your friends like to hangout on a sunny day?

Beaches, bonfires and besties

I am now working with Models of Diversity - who are an absolutely fantastic organisation who campaign for equality and fair representation within the media and fashion industry. So as an ambassador for equality for disabled people within the fashion industry, I wanted to share with you guys the AMAZING product, known as the mannequal.

The mannequal was created by disabled model and artist Sophie Morgan. If you're from the UK you may have seen a few of her documentaries on the BBC - and if you haven't I urge you to search them online. The idea is that the mannequal will be placed in a shop window or display and any male or female mannequin can sit on it. This revolutionary product is the first of its kind, and helps to call an end to disability discrimination.

“All disabled people shop, so we should be represented in the stores we shop in, simple as that!”  - Sophie Morgan

Fashion is the last place you will find someone who has a disability, there are no people in wheelchairs or missing limbs going down the runway. There are no disabled mannequins on display and no representation in stores or online. The idea behind the Mannequal is for stores to display mannequins sitting in it, which will show disabled people how the clothes will appear on them. How many times have you been shopping and seen some clothes on a mannequin and thought 'That looks nice on'? Well something that may look nice on a person who can stand might not look good on a person in a wheelchair or a person who has missing limbs. It's also about identifying how easy clothes look to put on, because we mustn't forget for a lot of disabled people getting dressed is a mammoth task! Sophie wants her work to be a symbol of understanding, respect, equality and exclusivity. 

What do you guys think about the mannequal? Have you seen one whilst out shopping?

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I do not own any of the photos used in this blog post. All photos are credit to Mannequal and Sophie Morgan


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