Aimee Mullins for Alexander McQueen

Debbie Van De Putten for La Sanota Lingerie

With London Fashion Week in full flow, I thought there couldn't be a better time to share this post. As an ambassador for disabled representation within the fashion industry, fashion week is always a time that brings mixed feelings to me. I love seeing the new collections and admiring all of the beautiful clothes the designers have brought in for the next season, but whenever I check in and have a browse through all of the days highlights, I feel a sense of disappointment and upset that there are rarely any disabled models, or models with physical abnormalities being seen on the catwalk.

Chelsey Jay and Stef Reid for Models Of Diversity

I featured a blog post earlier this year titled Do disabled people belong in the fashion industry after a disabled model was seen on the runway during New York Fashion Week in the Carrie Hammer show. This was definitely a sight for sore eyes, but the question on my lips is was it a one off? Will other designers follow suit and feature more disabled models in their collection. If the likes of Alexander McQueen - arguably the Queen in more ways than one - have done, there's no reason why any other labels can't do the same.

Alex Minsky for Burkman Bros

Disabled models for BezGraniz Couture

I wanted to include some images in this post of some beautiful and inspiring models who are disabled or have physical abnormalities who have been seen on the runway in the past. These images highlight that disabled people DO have a place in the fashion industry, and disabled people as a whole demographic of people have a right to be represented. 

What's your opinion on disabled models being featured on the runway? I'd love to know your thoughts, leave them in a comment below!

London Fashion Week and the lack of disabled models


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