15 things that being disabled teaches you

1. Kerbs are the devil's work

2. People will stare at you. A lot.

3. People will assume you can't walk, and when they see that you can, feel like it's appropriate to shout 'IT'S A MIRACLE!' (True story)

4. Going shopping is hard bloody work

5. Having a fit and healthy body is one of the biggest blessings a person can have

6. People often tell you you are inspirational, even if you haven't done anything inspirational at all. 'WOW you tied your own shoelaces. That's amazing. You are such an inspiration!'

7. Disabled people can still have healthy sex lives

8. Disabled females are no loner seen as attractive to the majority of men

9. But they are incredibly attractive to men with fetishes for disabled women

10. A disabled fetish is a real thing. Form your own opinions...

11. How to be more trusting. If somebody is pushing you down a steep hill, your life is in their hands, you have no choice but to trust them!

12. People treat you differently

13. You become more understanding and supportive to people with physical pain

14. Changing the word 'really' to 'wheely' will provide you endless opportunities to be a witty genius, plus it's wheely fun ;)

15. That the disabled population is the world's largest minority of which anyone can become part of at any time.

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