Advice from a tree...

Stand tall and proud
Go out on a limb
Remember your roots
Embrace with joy the changing seasons
Drink plenty of water
Be content with your natural beauty
Enjoy the view

Words by Ilan Shamir

Who would have thought trees could give such good advice?

I haven't done a health update in a while, and unfortunately I have to report that my health seems to be deteriorating and I'm finding day to day stuff extremely challenging. I think it could be down to a virus which my immune system just can't fight off. At least that's what I hope has happened. I really hope I'm not looking at a full blown relapse. My body is struggling to hold on to food again and that worries me. M.E. is brewing up a storm at the moment but I need to be a tree, I need to stand strong, hold my ground, and not let it tear me down. I am a tree and I was here before the storm, and I will stand tall and proud after the storm has passed. 

If anyone else is experiencing a storm at the moment, weather that's a health storm or a general life storm, be a tree! Trees are strong and so are you.

For any new followers who may be wondering what I am talking about, I have a long term illness known as M.E. which is a serious debilitating condition. Sometimes I talk about this on my blog. I have more information on M.E here


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