Happy Monday everyone! To start the week off on the right foot, I thought I'd share with you this Monday Mantra, reminding you to be the one thing everyone on the planet should be - a nice human. 

I made this little piece for my bedroom wall, which is covered in images and lovely words, to always keep me inspired and feeling positive.

I love the quote 'Throw kindness around like confetti' at the moment, and we all should do just that. Kindness and generally being nice costs nothing, it also requires far less energy! Why not take the opportunity this week to do something extra nice for someone you love, or even a total stranger. If you are stuck for ideas, why not visit this website: www.postpals.co.uk and sign up for one of their Christmas schemes and help make this Christmas magical for terminally ill children.

Whatever you do, this week, treat yourself to something nice (you can never go wrong with cake) spend time with nice people and make this week a nice week. Nice, nice nice.  

Here I am being a nice human by putting my dog's manlyhood doglyhood out there for all the world to see, and then letting him kiss me to make up for it. Sorry Barney, I hope that dog a few doors down who you want to make your girlfriend doesn't read this blog.

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Monday Mantra

Sexy, erotic, a little kinky. Aaron Paul Rogers has done something I've never seen done before. He has photographed disabled ladies in an erotic way, but in an artistic, beautiful way. He sees the beauty and the passion in these ladies, and he has created some of the most stunning, enticing pieces of photography that I've seen in a long time.

photos |

photos |

If you are going to do anything today, make sure it's visiting Aaron's website to see more of his amazing work. He is my new favourite photographer and I just had to share these photos in particular with you guys. Disabled people are rarely fairly represented. They are often not seen to be human beings with human desires, human beings who are sexual beings. Aaron appreciates this. He photographs people who are real and he does it in such an innovative way.  

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*I do not own any of the photos featured in this blog post. All photos are credit to Aaron Paul Rogers and aaronpaulrogers.com. I have permission from the owner to share*
The erotic work of // Aaron Paul Rogers

Isn't it great when the leaves turn this gorgeous shade of red? The temperature might be dropping but the roads are suddenly full of these amazing rich colours and for a short time the streets are covered in warm reds and burnt Orange's and it's beautiful. Autumn really isn't the same in Spain so I was glad to come back to the UK just in time before the leaves turn brown and the prettiness of Autumn can only be remembered by your Autumn themed Pinterest board.

The red leaves have replaced the green ones, hot teas have replaced ice cold smoothies, and warm knits and cosy jumpers have replaced denim shorts and crop tops. Normally I would be in tears by now merely thinking about the fact that there will be no more sun and dipping my toes in the sea, but this year I am deciding to (or at least going to try to) embrace the season.

I have now kitted (or should I say knitted?) out my A/W wardrobe with lots of lovely things to keep me nice and warm, and this cardigan is my new favourite thing. It is chunky, bright and colourful and it couldn't be more ideal for this time of the year, it is just so bloomin' cosy! If anyone has seen any cardigans similar to this one let me know, I want a wardrobe full of them, I literally want a technicolour wardrobe!

Have a great weekend lovely humans!

CARDIGAN // Boohoo.com
DRESS // Charity shop
BOOTS // gifted

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Autumn and the amazing technicolour cardigan


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