Autumn and the amazing technicolour cardigan

Isn't it great when the leaves turn this gorgeous shade of red? The temperature might be dropping but the roads are suddenly full of these amazing rich colours and for a short time the streets are covered in warm reds and burnt Orange's and it's beautiful. Autumn really isn't the same in Spain so I was glad to come back to the UK just in time before the leaves turn brown and the prettiness of Autumn can only be remembered by your Autumn themed Pinterest board.

The red leaves have replaced the green ones, hot teas have replaced ice cold smoothies, and warm knits and cosy jumpers have replaced denim shorts and crop tops. Normally I would be in tears by now merely thinking about the fact that there will be no more sun and dipping my toes in the sea, but this year I am deciding to (or at least going to try to) embrace the season.

I have now kitted (or should I say knitted?) out my A/W wardrobe with lots of lovely things to keep me nice and warm, and this cardigan is my new favourite thing. It is chunky, bright and colourful and it couldn't be more ideal for this time of the year, it is just so bloomin' cosy! If anyone has seen any cardigans similar to this one let me know, I want a wardrobe full of them, I literally want a technicolour wardrobe!

Have a great weekend lovely humans!

DRESS // Charity shop
BOOTS // gifted

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