Santa baby, slip a hot man under the tree, for me

So this is the last December treat from me to you this year and I have definitely saved the best until last! Don't be too sad though because you can still take full advantage of my previous treats - click for the Christmas graphics and printables designed by yours truly and the Spiced gingerbread granola recipe, phew!

Santa is a jolly, friendly ol' fellow whom children worldwide adore. He has that big fluffy white beard, the bowl full of jelly belly, the power, oh so much power! That's all great when you are an innocent kid, but when you are a grown up you don't care much for a glorified Grandad. We want sexy, we want a hot bearded man, and not a grey one! We want abs, tattoos, and we want a Santa that is going to get us all hot and bothered. The power to put is into a frenzy, adults DO want to be put on that naughty list!

So here you go ladies, and gay gents, here is one sexy Santa for you to drool over. ENJOY!

Apologies to the 1% of straight men who read this blog. 

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3 days to go! Ho Ho Ho!
Happy Christmas everyone!

☮ & 

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