I don't really know how to begin this post. I'm sat here looking back at the milestones I have hit recently and it's all quite overwhelming. When I was in my hospital bed, or unable to move, remember who I was or where I was, or completely reliant on my family, I thought that was it, that was what my life would be like forever. I didn't anticipate that I'd one day be sat here years later writing this whilst feeling so happy that I can say I have done things that I once thought would never happen.

Throughout life we should experience things as a right of passage. Our first boyfriend/girlfriend, first kiss, graduation from university, first job, moving out for the first time, getting married, etc etc. But when you are suddenly faced with a complex chronic illness the right of passage no longer exists, it is no longer a right and instead becomes more an uncertain dream. We question if we'll ever be able to work, ever be able to move out, ever be able to have a family of our own, ever be normal. So instead we start to count on our fingers our milestones - things we have achieved since we became unwell, or since we had the accident or the major operation, or whatever it was that changed how the rest of our lives would be lived.

I celebrated this past weekend the fact I went on a train for the first time since I became unwell, something the old me would have taken for granted and not thought twice about, but for the current me it was a huge step and accomplishment, a huge milestone for my journey forward. Milestones can be big as well as small, but it is important to recognise them as they are proof that we are making steps forward and that is probably the biggest way to keep us in an optimistic and positive mindset. Over the past 5 months or so, my milestone list has rapidly been growing so I thought I'd share a few of them with you guys :)

Travelling to London to be there for my friend's baby shower. This was a double whammy for me as not only did I go on the train for the first time (on my own too!) but I also physically managed to endure the celebrations!
Train ride/sharing your lovely friend's (and bump's) special day which also included lots of cake and cuteness (The ideal place for a pig like me to be) - tick.

Going out socially for the first time in about 4 years
Being sassy with my favourite people - tick

Going on my first proper holiday abroad, it was only for 5 days and it was the most chilled holiday ever but it was perfect and a huge huge milestone.
Jolly holiday - tick

Being able to wear makeup for an entire day without the need to wash it off after 2 hours because it was physically burning your skin.
Looking more like a human and less like a zombie for an entire day - tick

Listening to an entire album without feeling like my ears were going to explode
Remembering what an Ipod is again - tick

Having my first alcoholic drink without having a fit (even if it was mostly lemonade with the tiniest dash of wine in it, it still counts!)
Being a wild wine drinking hooligan - tick

Going out without a wheelchair and just using crutches
Legs showing signs of not being completely hopeless - tick

So the moral of the blog post is to never let anyone, or worse, your own mind tell you that you can't do things. The key is to set yourself short and long term goals and never give up! whether you're ill or not, always acknowledge your milestones, big, small, serious or silly, and be proud of yourself for reaching them!

What are some of your biggest milestones? Let me know in a comment below!

P.S. I have been nominated for a health activist award, for the work I do on my bog, so if you enjoy my blog you can vote/endorse me here: https://awards.wegohealth.com/nominees/11851

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Hi beautiful humans!

It feels like so long since I last posted. I needed to take a little break away from blogging over the holidays to allow me to have as relaxed a Christmas as possible, which I did, it was so lovely! On the whole I felt really well which is a big improvement to the previous few years!

We're also all probably tired of hearing it by now but I want to wish you all the happiest new year, I really hope 2015 is everything you want it to be. I spent the first day of the year pencilling in lots of future plans, projects, and collabs in the diary which you will all be seeing as they unfold, so I'm really looking forward to what this year has in store. 2015 is also the year I am starting YouTube which will be happening very soon so watch this space!

So as this is my first post of the year, I thought we'd start as we mean to go on and I'd show you this sassy (my current favourite word) outfit. I absolutely love this layered mesh skirt, it's so beautiful. I wore it out on my first night out in 3 years on Christmas eve, which was a huge milestone for my health journey, and journey towards normality being restored in my life. (I spoke more about it on my Instagram, here) I'm hoping to be doing more fashion based stuff this year too, it was too difficult when I was so poorly so fingers crossed now I'm feeling a bit more alive than I was (still half dead, but alive nonetheless) I'll be up to the challenge of outfit photos and constantly hatin' on the sky over the lack of daylight. 

Trying to do that red carpet behind shoulder glance / Failing at getting a 'swooshy skirt' photo

Did you all have a nice Christmas? Tell me your new year's resolutions, I haven't thought of one yet!

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Layered mesh and sultry sass


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