I was on TV and I'm now on YouTube!

Two very exciting things have happened this week. I made my first TV appearance on Wednesday for Mustard TV, and our Youtube channel has also just been launched! Bad news if you find my face annoying though, in which case I am sorry, but I was born like it.

Going on TV was so fun. They approached me and wanted to do an interview about M.E and me and to talk about what I am doing now which is just hoping to inspire people and trying to raise as much awareness not only for M.E but for disability in general as I can through blogging and also modelling. The presenters Darren Eadie and Beth Davison were so so lovely and the whole station were very accommodating. I had my hair and makeup done by a pro, although she said everything was pretty much perfect so it looks like the hours I have spent wasting my life away watching beauty guru's on YouTube has finally paid off... I'm pretty pleased with how the interview went, although watching yourself back is always super awkward, more so when you say about 100 W's when trying to tell them what your URL is.

Our YouTube channel 'A Spoonful Of She' has also just been launched! A little later than anticipated but live nonetheless. It is a channel set up with 5 girls (Emma, myself, Meg, Rachel and Sophia) who all have chronic health conditions which we will talk about on the channel, as well as uploading videos about fashion, beauty, vlogs, and basically whatever we feel like uploading! We'd really appreciate some love, so go and subscribe! ♥

Let me know if you watch my interview and what your thoughts are, also let me know if you are on YouTube too and I will come and show some love!

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