I'm the the press, again!

Yesterday I was in the Eastern Daily Press. (The paper covering East Anglia) You may (or may not) remember that at the end of 2014 I was featured in a dozen national newspapers, sharing my story with M.E and why I have chosen to pursue modelling, despite having the condition which I blogged about here

I thought I would share this feature on the blog too just because unless you are Beyonce, and let's face it I'm not (although admittedly my inner Beyonce unleashes/booty shakes every time I hear any song by Queen Bee) it's not everyday you are in the press and any positive publicity for M.E as an illness is great, as is highlighting disabled models and all we stand for. 

I should also note that the real Queen (not Queen Bee) was on the page before me - single page I should add, ohhh yeah.

Here is the link to it on their website:

Oh hey Queeny on the page before me, looking lovely, Lizzy, as always!

I just want to say again, how much the continuous support means to me, you honestly have no idea how appreciated it is, not only for supporting me as an individual with a chronic health condition, but also supporting my blog. I am forever grateful for this amazing platform.

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*All photos copyright credit to the EDP and Nick Butcher

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