MY YOUTUBE DEBUT // Five things I have learnt from having M.E

Last week my first solo video went up on my new channel 'A Spoonful Of She' There are references to Jackass, dogs in sunglasses, and talk about how gravy doesn't make a good shampoo... and if that doesn't lure you into watching it, I don't know what will!

A Spoonful Of She is a channel set up by myself, and four other ladies who just like me all have chronic health conditions. We wanted to create the channel together, because blogging, as well as maintaining a YouTube channel is hard enough for healthy people, let alone those who have illnesses. This way we can 'share the load' whilst supporting each other, and hopefully offering something new too. We are all really excited to get started and we would love your support so please go and subscribe!

Are you on YouTube? Leave your channel name in a comment below and I'll come and take a look :)

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