Meditate Boho Bedroom
Meditate Boho Bedroom
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Meditation Boho Bedroom
Boho Bedroom
Boho Bedroom Canopy

My bedroom is my favourite place to unwind and relax, which is hugely important for any chronically ill person. I've made my personal space into a place I look forward to spending time in, after all, I do spend a lot of my time there! Meditating and practising mindfulness is a powerful, and very useful skill. Since I have been ill, I have been practising both daily - Doctor's orders, and I have noticed a considerable difference in my overall state of mind. I would even go as far as to say I believe it has had a positive effect on my overall recovery. It is a healing tool.

I'm also a big fan of creating an atmosphere in a room so I fill the room with scented candles, soft lighting and lots of different textures. I wanted a canopy for ages and my Mum kept laughing at me and telling me I would look like a wannabe princess, but look who's laughing now Mum. LOOK HOW DREAMY MY DREAMING SPACE IS!

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On Wednesday's we meditate

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blogger blue hair @ hayleyeszti

Spring, I love you. I mean it, I really love you. You make me happy, really happy. Not only because I got to wear my new shoes babies for the first time, but I have been able to let some sunshine soak into my skin, and you helped me get a tan (I tan easily, please don't hate me).

I got this kimono for the bargain price of £4 - yes, you heard correctly, £4(!) from who currently have the world's most epic sale on at the moment, with things from as little as £2, check it ladies, can you seriously turn down such bargains?

I don't know about you guys but I am so happy to start wearing more from my S/S wardrobe. I'm so happy that I could do a little dance, AND I'm just about to make you a little happier too because I have a 10% discount code to help you satisfy all of your shoe desires from* - I know, I know, I'm such an enabler! Just enter the code HE10 at the checkout. Happy shoe shopping!

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Style | Spring in my step

Spring is definitely here and I for one am glad to be saying adios to the winter. SUN - COME AT ME!
But, and this is a big but, I am already SO sick of seeing 'bikini body' tips being shared left right and centre. It isn't hot enough to even wear shorts yet and already I am being told how to look good in a bikini.

As a human and as a woman, I understand. It’s okay to want to be attractive (whatever your definition of that may be). If there is something that you don’t like about yourself, it is absolutely your choice to change if it you want to, however you want to. It isn’t my or anyone else’s business. However, I don't think it is right that we are constantly being told what to do and what not to do to look good on the beach or beside the pool. Instead what we should be focusing on is how to feel happier in our skin and to love our bodies, and seeing tips on how to do that instead. So have no fear ladies, I've got you covered.

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Simple ways to love your body more

1. Body Love List
Think of all of the things you love about your body. It could be that juicy derriere you own, those cute dimples at the bottom of your spine, the colour of your skin, or the freckles that look a bit like a smiley face. If you love it - write it. Write down everything you love about your body and when you are on the time of the month, or feel sluggish after eating too much pizza, or have just seen a Victoria Secrets campaign and consequently feel a little less glam, and a little more packet of ham, read your list and remind yourself that YOUR BODY IS AWESOME and you are sexy in your own way, so own it!

2. Celebrate your body
Got a nice pair of boobs? Show them off! Wear things that compliment your figure. In a relationship? Hold hands, have sex, be kissed, all over, and celebrate each and every inch of your gorgeousness! That hotness needs to be celebrated because girl, you are smokin' *sassy girl emoji*

3. Eat something wonderfully nutritious
We all know that saying 'food is fuel' right? Well us girls need our fuel. Treat yourself to something that is going to give you a boost whilst being succulent and tasty at the same time. Your body will feel happier, and that in turn will make you happier. It's a win win situation. Especially if strawberries are involved. Who doesn't like strawberries?

how to love your body more @ hayleyeszti

4. Wave goodbye to the scales
You know they are the devil. Why do some stupid numbers matter so much? When those numbers are positive they are great, but when they aren't they may as well be called Regina George, and we have all felt victimised by Regina George before. Scales - be gone, you're more trouble than your worth.

5. Pamper
Go and spend a few hours in your bathroom, who cares if someone needs to use the loo, I'm sure there are bushes outside. Pampering must take full priority for a few hours. Have a hot bubble bath, light some scented candles, paint your nails which ever colour you so please, and hell, why not go full out and whack on some tunes and sing into your hairbrush at the top of your lungs. Naked. Whilst your fake tan dries. This is what life is all about.

6. Laugh
In a gut-busting my abdominal muscles feel like they have been murdered kind of way. It's the second best form of exercise! (For the best refer back to number 2) Laughter is the best. Go and chuckle until you hurt, you little laughaholic you!

What are your tips for loving our bodies more? I'd love to hear in a comment below!

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Six ways to love your body more

positivity stop judging start succeeding @ hayleyeszti
Positivity stop judging start succeeding @ hayleyeszti
One of the biggest obstacles of success is letting go of judgement. Judgement simply put is fear, and being right by making others wrong perpetuates a negative cycle that blocks your energy and true potential. It tears you down and hinders your success. It depletes you and everybody around you. 
Acceptance on the other hand is love, it's nurturing. It feeds you. Having compassion for yourself and other people without criticism or judgement creates space for more love, more blessings, and more success.

Success comes to you naturally when you no longer put up resistance and take up an open and positive attitude. As a form of defence many people divert attention from themselves by criticising others, but deep down they are harshly judgemental about themselves.


Since we are defining success as a living reality here and now, judgement should stop today. Nobody is perfect and instead of focusing on our flaws, we should focus on our unfolding potential. What we are good at is getting better. Everything else can be improved and corrected with the help of others. Difference doesn't have to mean us VS them, or me against the world. Not judging people relieves us of the constant need of comparing ourselves with other people. There is no need for negative comparisons because your path is completely unique. Your middle could be someone else's start, or someone else's end.

No one achieves success through limitation. The secret is to be yourself with the intent of presenting your best self in any situation and if you can do that then you are already winning.

Peace, love & positive vibes

Positivity | Stop judging, start succeeding


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