On Wednesday's we meditate

Meditate Boho Bedroom
Meditate Boho Bedroom
Bohemian Bedroom
Meditation Boho Bedroom
Boho Bedroom
Boho Bedroom Canopy

My bedroom is my favourite place to unwind and relax, which is hugely important for any chronically ill person. I've made my personal space into a place I look forward to spending time in, after all, I do spend a lot of my time there! Meditating and practising mindfulness is a powerful, and very useful skill. Since I have been ill, I have been practising both daily - Doctor's orders, and I have noticed a considerable difference in my overall state of mind. I would even go as far as to say I believe it has had a positive effect on my overall recovery. It is a healing tool.

I'm also a big fan of creating an atmosphere in a room so I fill the room with scented candles, soft lighting and lots of different textures. I wanted a canopy for ages and my Mum kept laughing at me and telling me I would look like a wannabe princess, but look who's laughing now Mum. LOOK HOW DREAMY MY DREAMING SPACE IS!

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