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positivity stop judging start succeeding @ hayleyeszti
Positivity stop judging start succeeding @ hayleyeszti
One of the biggest obstacles of success is letting go of judgement. Judgement simply put is fear, and being right by making others wrong perpetuates a negative cycle that blocks your energy and true potential. It tears you down and hinders your success. It depletes you and everybody around you. 
Acceptance on the other hand is love, it's nurturing. It feeds you. Having compassion for yourself and other people without criticism or judgement creates space for more love, more blessings, and more success.

Success comes to you naturally when you no longer put up resistance and take up an open and positive attitude. As a form of defence many people divert attention from themselves by criticising others, but deep down they are harshly judgemental about themselves.


Since we are defining success as a living reality here and now, judgement should stop today. Nobody is perfect and instead of focusing on our flaws, we should focus on our unfolding potential. What we are good at is getting better. Everything else can be improved and corrected with the help of others. Difference doesn't have to mean us VS them, or me against the world. Not judging people relieves us of the constant need of comparing ourselves with other people. There is no need for negative comparisons because your path is completely unique. Your middle could be someone else's start, or someone else's end.

No one achieves success through limitation. The secret is to be yourself with the intent of presenting your best self in any situation and if you can do that then you are already winning.

Peace, love & positive vibes

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