Answer this honestly - do you love yourself? If you answered yes, would you say the same thing if I asked you that to your face? Would you say 'yes I do' with confidence, or would you laugh, avoid the question or perhaps come straight out with a 'no' because you don't want anyone to think you are vain? 

In my personal opinion, there is a difference between loving yourself in a positive way, and loving yourself in an egotistical way. I love myself. I love myself and I am proud of it. I love myself because I am happy in my own skin, I am happy with who I am and like many women I have been on a long journey to even get to a point where I can say that. However, and I really want to emphasise this, I don't love myself in the way that I spend hours looking at myself in the mirror and feeding my own ego, and I would hate for anyone to take my words and assume I mean the latter, which I'm guessing, sadly, a lot of people probably would do. They would hear me say the words 'I love myself' and see it as being a negative thing.

As a woman, I find it disgusting that society often says that women who say that they love themselves is a bad thing, a sign of vanity, and arrogance, because it really isn't. (I understand in some cases it can be, but I'm talking about self-love in the positive form) Loving yourself is deeper than physical appearance, physical appearance may not even come into the equation at all. I guess that goes down to your personal opinion on what self-love is and whether you consider it to be solely who you are inside or all that you are, and either is OK, it's personal perception. To me loving yourself for who you are, what you stand for and believe in, what you feel and represent is what is important. The inner you. Loving yourself as a whole is a good thing too, if you think you are pretty or have lovely hair, a good body, or a cute nose - good for you! Confidence is a wonderful thing, and that isn't to say you don't see faults, we all have our own insecurities, things we'd like to change or improve, we are all a constant work in progress as none of us are perfect but self-love isn't about seeing yourself as a being of perfection, it's about seeing yourself as you, and being happy with what you see and what you are. Having compassion for the self and being open to change and growth. 

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. - Buddha

Love-yourself positive blog postivity blog @ hayleyeszti
Love-yourself positivity postivity blog @ hayleyeszti
Love-yourself positivity postivity blog @ hayleyeszti


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