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Today I have some really exciting news to share, and I also kind of want a favour...

Last week I woke up to find out I had been nominated for the National Diversity Awards for 'Positive Role Model' under the disability category. It is incredibly humbling and a lovely feeling to have been nominated, and to know that people are seeing the work I do and what I try to represent and supporting it is actually quite surreal. To me I'm just little ol' me, a girl who is just doing what anyone would do in my situation.

For those of you who might not know what it is I do/have done/experienced, I'll try and explain all of that briefly in a few secs. What I'm really here to ask, is for your votes. You guys have supported me since the start after all, and many of you have been with me on my journey throughout everything. The way the voting system works is each nominee gets votes, and the people with the most votes get to go to the event in Liverpool in September where the UK's most inspirational people are all celebrated. I don't expect to win, but I really would love to make the event and to meet some of these amazing people. I hope being at the event will help promote more awareness and be a great step forward for my cause. (Not to mention the fact I have always wanted to go to Liverpool, I love me a Scouse accent!)

Why I was nominated.
I was nominated for the work I do to promote a positive image surrounding disability. When I was 19 I woke up one day unable to move, see or talk, having been perfectly fine the day before. I was diagnosed with a severe case of M.E about a year later, and within that year I became reliant on a wheelchair and care. I had lost my memory, was suffering serious seizures and I was incredibly unwell, so much so that I almost died on numerous occasions. It was within this time since becoming disabled and a full time ill person that I wanted to try and help people in the same situation, or similar ones to myself. I began campaigning for awareness for M.E and disability in general, equality, and education. Since then I've been featured in national newspapers, news outlets and magazines across the world, had TV interviews and made speeches at various events sharing my story. I have also of course, created this blog, where I try to show people that we are much more than any illness, any 'condition' and I try and promote positivity and encourage and support others, and to give people who may have lost it, a little hope that things do get better. 

I have a profile on the Awards page here where I talk about my story a little more, and my press and media coverage is all listed here so I don't need to go too in depth here, but you kind of get the gist.

All I want, more than anything is for people both disabled and non-disabled alike to see that disability doesn't change anything. We are individuals, unique and special. We still have hopes and dreams and with the right attitude we can still fulfil them just like anyone else can. Yes we might face obstacles but we can, and I hope I am an example for that. I have never let the fact I have an illness change anything about me, and nor will I ever. I chose to embrace it and to fight for change and a better society for everyone.

So if you can take a few minutes out of your day to vote, I'd really appreciate it. To everyone who has already voted - THANK YOU! You sassy bunch! I am so moved by all of your kind words, and as ever, so incredibly grateful for your amazing support.
P.S. Feel free to share my profile too *wink face emoji*

Voting has now closed. Thanks to everyone who voted for me!


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