10 things about being an extrovert

Ah, the extrovert. They are outgoing, social, confident and at times bloody annoying. There is never a dull moment when you're around an extrovert. Rarely ever peace and quiet either.

10 things about the glorious extrovert:

You're used to being asked if you are drunk a lot. Yes, of course I am drunk at 2pm on a Tuesday...
I'm just high on life

Some people will find it kinda embarrassing to be seen with you in public because of how 'out there' you can be, but you don't really care. You're just happy being yourself doing your thing. (Quite possibly whilst wearing a multicoloured rainbow coat and a cowboy hat)

Contrary to popular belief, you CAN actually do things on your own. You just prefer doing them with other people.
You can also read and yes, you do have brain cells.

You're never really sure what to do when you are out on your own. Do I just... sit here?

'You're such a flirt!' are words you'll hear often.
 Sorry for trying to be friendly.

You have a lot of friends because you make friends wherever you go. You and the supermarket checkout girl are pretty much BFF's after you bonded over mutual frustration at the cost of tampons.
I say best friend, although you do have about 100 best friends.

You like to give extravagant gestures. Which aren't always appreciated.

The weekend can only possibly mean one thing.

... Which has probably resulted in a spontaneous act of foolishness because your friends thought it would be funny and you're always down for a laugh.

You're not afraid to pull out all of the stops to impress a potential suitor. You're adventurous and confident. but that doesn't mean it will always be a success story.

Because when extroverts do things they go full out. Failing at life included.


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