Winter sun

I love sunshine. It's no secret that I am a big time sun worshipper. Those sunny winter days are a sight for sore eyes, and it means I get to wear my sunglasses with a big coat and feel like one of the celebs being papped for Hollywood life. 

Sunglasses are also kind of a god send at times, they hide a multitude of sins, am I right ladies?
The Sunglasses Shop are my go to place to shop for sunnies, there's something for everyone and everything is such good quality. I picked out these Ray Ban Erika sunglasses and I just love them. Ray Ban is such a classic choice and in my opinion you can't go wrong with Ray Ban sunglasses. They protect your eyes, AND make your winter outfit look effortlessly cool. *cool dude emoji*

I'm also all over the camel coat again this year. This vintage one is really over sized but so so snug, it's almost like I am wearing a sleeping bag, only I'm not because that would be weird.

camel-coat-style @ hayleyeszti
oversized-camel-coat-style @ hayleyeszti
Ray-ban-erika-sunglasses @ hayleyeszti
camel-coat-style @ hayleyeszti


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