I've decided to stop taking drugs. Hard, strong pain killer prescription drugs that is (not THAT kind, don't worry) that I have been taking everyday for the past few years to ease my chronic pain and I want to hide away. Or sleep and not wake up until the withdrawal process is over.

I have always shared my journey with M.E on my blog, and I always will do, and I will always do it honestly, and right now the honest truth is coming off of them is kinda hell. They told me it would be, but jeeeez! Body - cut me some slack please?! I hope though that it is going to be for the greater good and a positive decision in the long term. 

I'm still on some medication and pain relief, but I want to see how I handle being on some lighter stuff as the side effects of the heavier drugs are often more of a pain than the actual pain itself! I'm bored of hallucinating tbh. I just need to ride the wave and see it through but I wanted to let you guys know as I may be a bit quiet for a few days, and some of you may even have some advice for me. I should also state that I have discussed with my doctor and we have a plan in place, and you should never stop taking medication without discussing it with them first. I've also been gradually reducing my dosage over the past month or so and I would not advise going cold turkey with something like this.

On a brighter note, I have some exciting news to share with you soon, possibly in my next blog post so stay tuned! Ohhh the suspense!



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