Birthday-photoshoot @ hayleyeszti
birthday-photoshoot @ hayleyeszti

Yesterday, I celebrated my 24th birthday. I don't normally make a fuss about my birthday and I never really have done, not even as a child. This year was different though. I celebrated because I could celebrate it. 

I have not been able to celebrate my birthday properly in four whole years. I was either in hospital, on the verge of being admitted into hospital, or just too ill.

24 is not an exciting age. It doesn't change anything, and it is not a milestone, but for me it is both of those things. For me I see it as being the start of a change, and being and feeling well on my birthday is a milestone in itself with my journey since I became unwell.

I intend on making the year of being 24 great. I will make up for missing out on all of the things I should have done, and wanted to do when I was 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23. Things most people take for granted. I will not. I will appreciate every little thing because I am unbelievably thankful to be here, alive, and happy.

Cheers to that!
Now I'm going to eat loads more cake. Holla at me if you want a slice.

All the love.

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