10 things that happen in the ladies room on a night out

Fri-yay is here. The Fleekend has arrived! *Note to self* stop trying to make 'fleekend' happen. It is not going to happen.
For many of us, the weekend means only one thing. Party time. We all love a good night out now and then, letting our hair down, drinking some wine with our gal pals and having fun. It doesn't matter where you go, as long as there is a ladies bathroom you are bound to wake up in the morning with some stories. And maybe a business card for that mobile hairdresser you met who said she'd fix you up some highlights on mates rates.

Here are ten thing that happen in the ladies room on a night out:

1. Everybody suddenly becomes your best friend.
You may even end up spending half the night in the toilet with them. You'll get the deodrant lady to take endless amounts of photos of you and your new bestie. You probably won't remember each other's names in the morning, and you'll find yourself asking who is this girl doing the peace sign with you in your camera roll 100 times over, but in that moment, your new best friends were everything you ever wanted out of life and more.

2. Makeup. Makeup everywhere.
Not only will it be all over your face, because seriously, trying to re-apply your lipstick whilst under the influence is hard work, but it will also be in the sink, all over the walls, all over your clothes. Everywhere. Not to mention the fake tan stained toilet seat.

3. The crying girl.
There is always somebody having an emotional breakdown sobbing a mascara stained puddle. She could be crying about anything from the fact the bar didn't have any straws left, or how her boyfriend turned up wearing double denim. Either way, unless this crying girl is your friend, it's best just to hand her a tissue and leave her to it, the crying girl can be dangerous.

4. It suddenly becomes acceptable to pee in front of strangers.
We're all friends here.

5. The drunk selfie.
You know when you try your hardest to look seductive and sexy. God help you if it ends up on your Snapchat story, more so if you can see your drawers are down and you are in fact sat on a toilet seat.

6. Your gay best friend appears.
And it is 100% fine. Especially if he enters offering free contour makeovers for all.

7. The Wardrobe Malfunction.
The dreaded heel break. The ripped dress. The red wine stain. With any luck there will be a girl prepared for the worst with a Mary Poppins bag full of sewing stuff and super glue. Possibly a spare pair of shoes in your size?

8. You suddenly find yourself in the underwear section of Primark.
Floating tights, knickers, a lonely chicken fillet that fell out of someone's padded bra. 

9. Soggy shoes from a toilet flood.
Why is there always that one out of order toilet that is clogged up with god knows what and overflowing? 

10. You realise that a night out is not complete without several trips to the ladies room.
We can all go there if we need a hug from a randomer. If we smell of B.O and left our perfume at the pre-drinks location. If we want some toilet paper trailing at the back of our shoe because we feel like our outfit is missing something. If we need to find an escape route from that weird guy that won't leave us alone. The ladies room is a safe haven, a flooded, dirty, haven.

If you have any funny bathroom night out stories feel free to share them in the comments section below. Enjoy your weekend!


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