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It may only be the start of the week, and the weekend is a little way off yet, but it's never too early to start thinking about it, is it? With the weekend in mind, I wanted to share this 'out out' dress I recently got my mitts on. If you love going out as much as I do (and if you do be sure to check out my previous post 10 things that happen in ladies room on a night out) you'll know that half of the fun is getting your glad rags on and getting dressed up. The other half of the fun is when you meet with your good friend alcohol *please drink responsibly*

I love a good statement piece, and this dress is definitely that. I saw one of my friends rocking it and when I saw how sexy she looked I had to get one for myself. I promise I'm not drunk when I let you all know that it was also bought for the bargain price of £23 - yes £23! You'd pay that for one cocktail in some places... Hmmm cocktails, would anyone care to join me for one? This Monday is dragging on a little. 




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