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Our bone structure is one of our most unique features. No two faces are exactly alike, but it is the structure of the bones that truly defines them. Our bone structure can be one of our most attractive features. Even if we have a lovely full face or chubby cheeks, we still have bone structure that can be enhanced. With family life and work commitments, it can be easy to feel pushed for time. Carefully applying makeup and trying out new looks can be one of the last things on our mind. It’s likely that we just slap on a little or complete a five minute routine that we’ve done for years and run out the door! But we’re not making the most of ourselves. A makeup routine that makes the most of our bone structure doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. But it can increase our confidence and show off our natural beauty. Try incorporating a few of these simple and easy tips into your makeup routine.

Making the most of your bone structure with makeup



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