Chilling in DMs

white-dr-martens-outfit-boho-grunge-style @ hayleyeszti

Of course, Dr Martens are such a wardrobe staple for so many of us, and have been for years. I remember how much I wanted a pair of my own when I was a child and saw my 'really cool' older cousin wearing them. I got my first pair when I was 12 and it was possibly the happiest day of my childhood. Paired with this oversized vintage shirt that I bought from the men's section in Beyond Retro on my last trip to London, a purple lip - Glastonberry by Charlotte Tilbury to be exact, a purple nail to match (naturally) and loose hair. This is my ultimate chilled look.

I am happiest when playing some good tunes, when I am in good company, when my creative juices are flowing, and when I am just chilling the f out doing what I want to do. For me, music influences my creativity massively. Music has the power to inspire, and to make you feel something. There is also nothing better than listening to your favourite band on vinyl, crackles and all.

white-dr-martens-outfit-boho-grunge-style @ hayleyeszti
Purple-lipstick-Charlotte-Tilbury @ hayleyeszti

Sending chilled vibes from me to you.

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