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I absolutely love my life. I am incredibly lucky, and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to say that considering I live with something which at times to be perfectly honest, can be really shitty. I have a broken body. A physical illness that will never go away. I  have come a long way and made a hell of a lot of progress but of course it hasn't always been easy.

Life is for living

Look stunning in the sun this summer and prepare to embrace the best version of yourself. These summer beauty tips will have you feeling confident and glowing. Here in the UK we have been enjoying some glorious spring weather this week. Summer is within our sights and fast approaching, so what better time to start preparing and updating our beauty drawers ready for some summer themed TLC. *Related: The positive impact a good pamper night can have on your mind and body.
Summer beauty hacks

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Spring daydreams


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