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Flash tattoos may not be to everyone's taste but if you are a commitment phobe like me, aka the thought of something being on your skin forever makes you a little anxious, you will love them. I fell in love with flash and temporary tattoos around this time last year when I stumbled upon the stunning ladies on the IAMU Instagram page, and I have been painting myself with them ever since. I have no real tattoos. It's not that I dislike them it's just that they have never appealed to me personally which is strange considering how much I enjoy covering my body in weird stuff. Personal style and fashion allows you to experiment with different looks, to be creative, to express yourself and have fun whilst doing so and flash tattoos are an extension of that. Your body is a blank canvas and you can cover yourself in as much wonderful stuff as you want because at the end of the day you can wash it all off and start again tomorrow.

Summer is the best time to  decorate your face and body, the best time to cover your body in flash tattoos, glitter, sequins and paint. Summer is the best time to think "Heck, if I want to have a shiny star on my forehead, I will!" *Side note, if your IDGAF attitude needs a little boost, my article  life is for living might be exactly what you need to read today*

Wearing flash tattoo's is like wearing jewellery but better because you get to constantly switch up your 'jewlwerry box' and you don't have the aggro of getting hot and sweaty and irritated by it all when it's hot. They are the perfect accessory for summer days spent by the beach or pool and hanging out with your friends at festivals and summer parties. An added bonus is that there is absolutely no way they will be falling off in the middle of a festival crowd never to be seen again. RIP beautiful silver bracelet, I still miss you 8 years later...

festival-style-flash-tattoos @ hayleyesztiboho-style-flash-tattoos @ hayleyeszti
gold-flash-tattoos-festival-tattos @ hayleyeszti
festival-style-tattoos @ hayleyeszti
boho-metallic-flash-tattoos-festival-style @ hayleyeszti

If you have never had a go at flash tattoos before, there are dozens of designs and colours out there waiting to be stamped onto your your limbs and pretty little faces from blue to multicolour to emoji designs, and even bride and hen party themed. My favourites are the gold and silver ones like I am wearing here, which were a steal costing just over £3! Bargain! For all of you newbie flashers (I am aware of how wrong that sounds) here are some quick tips to get you started:

Remember when you were a child and you would get those stick on tattoos normally of something like a tribal butterfly or a star with a smiley face in the middle? Well the flash tattoos work exactly the same way as those bad boys. All you do is place the design where you want it, grab a wet flannel or some cotton wool, dab it over the reverse side, hold it there for 30 seconds or so and then gently peel back the paper. Voila! You should now be left with a new lovely pattern on your skin somewhere which should last for around 3-6 days. Super quick super easy and no pain! If 8 year old you could do it, current you sure can. Keep shining!


Take off the plastic layer.
It might sound obvious but if you don't your tattoo will end up in the bin because it will be ruined and that would be a shame.

Apply to dry skin and avoid creams and oils before applying.

Cut your tattoo to size.
The tattoos normally come on a sheet rather than individual pieces so cut your tattoo as close to size as possible. This means the design will end up exactly where you want it to be - this is important if you are applying to small areas like your fingers.

Don't be scared to get wet!
When it comes to transferring, the wetter the flannel the better (but remember to apply to a dry area.) If you have existing tattoos close to the new tattoo that you are applying, don't worry about getting the existing one wet. It won't wash it off.

Wet flannels for bigger designs, cotton wool for smaller.
It will just make the whole thing so much easier. Trust me.

Hot water works better.
There must be some logic behind this, although all I know is that it just works better. Not too hot though, we don't want you getting burnt.

Soak in warm water and scrub to remove.

Have fun!
That is the main purpose of flash tattoos. Remember they are not there forever so enjoy having some nice shiny stuff having a holiday on your body - it's fun!



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