Summer beauty hacks

Look stunning in the sun this summer and prepare to embrace the best version of yourself. These summer beauty tips will have you feeling confident and glowing. Here in the UK we have been enjoying some glorious spring weather this week. Summer is within our sights and fast approaching, so what better time to start preparing and updating our beauty drawers ready for some summer themed TLC. *Related: The positive impact a good pamper night can have on your mind and body.

1.Tinted Moisturiser with SPF
It's important we are looking after our skin all year round. In the warmer months we need to make sure we are protecting our skin from the sun and moisturise moisturise moisturise! I personally like to ditch the heavy foundations in summer and instead go for a tinted moisturiser which still gives me a little bit of coverage. If I do wear foundation I still try to opt for one with SPF in it, that stuff is important! My skin is so sensitive so I tend to stick to higher end brands for my face, like firm favourites Liz Earle, Clinique, and Laura Mercier who all have a range of lovely tinted moisturisers.

 2. Eyelash stuff.
If you want to ditch the makeup, because let's face it melting off your full face isn't really a good look for anyone, but aren't comfortable with going completely natural, alongside your new tinted moisturiser consider an eyelash treatment to give your eyes a little pop. You could go for individual glued on lashes, such as my favourite Eylure Individual Lashes, £4.95, apply an intensive 8 week Eyelash Enhancing Serum, £39.99, or head to your local beauty salon for a lash tint or LVL treatment. Next stop - fluttering them to the boys on the beach?

3. Shave the night before the beach, not the morning of
Unless you want to be left red raw and sore from the salt water entering your open pores - ouch!

4. Sea salt spray your hair.
This stuff will be your best friend during summer. It will help you achieve that gorgeous natural fresh from the beach look that looks natural and easy. I love the Bumble and bumle Surf Infusion, £21.50, it smells amazing! For a cheaper alternative the John Frieder sea waves salt spray, £6.99, is ideal for creating carefree waves.

5. Fake tan.
If you are looking a bit pasty and don't feel great exposing the flesh, get the fake tan out! I like to use some trusty St. Moriz tanning mouse - £4.99, for a quick solution, or for a gradual build up the Garnier Summberbody Moisturising lotion - £2.55, is fab. You will still tan underneath the product so fake it until you make it girl! Side note; most tanning lotions don't contain any SPF so be sure to still protect your skin with suncream too.

What are your summer beauty hacks? Feel free to share them in a comment below.


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