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I wouldn't really consider myself much of an animal print kind of girl, but as of late I have been drawing lots of inspiration from 70s rock and roll and trash fashion. I recently re-watched Almost Famous and Penny Lane brought back all kind of fashion feels, (if you haven't seen the film before, you really must) which might be why I was drawn to these animal print trousers. They are definitely not my usual get up but it's good to try out new styles, experiment and try something new, don't you think? In my opinion, animal print works best when it isn't done in excess, you don't want to end up looking like the love child of Kat Slater and Pat Butcher (shout out to all Eastenders fans). It's also about mixing the print in with your own style, whatever that may be and making it work for you. Animal print can be such a bold and loud statement that quite often people are put off, but you can tone it down by adding layers, and softer textures like I did by adding this stunning white lace kimono to the outfit.

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I am also absolutely in love with these cat-eye sunglasses* (only 8.95!) and my new gorgeous fringed leather clogs*, by Daniel Footwear - a fabulous online shoes and accessories marketplace where you can purchase all of your favourite designer shoes, bags and accessories, and they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I currently own, and my now favourite pair of shoes I currently own. I love them! Damn Daniel!

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boho-style-blogger-leopard-trousers @ hayleyesztiboho-style-fashion-blogger @ hayleyeszti

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