Everything you need to know about the skater dress trend

The term 'skater dress' can be a bit of a confusing one the first time you hear it. While the word 'skater' may make it sound like something worn by people who like the skateboarder style, which would be at home with a pair of Vans or Converse trainers, actually it refers to the cut of the dress. The skater dress is named that way because it is a cut generally used in the costumes of figure skaters because of the way the skirt flares out when the person wearing the dress spins around. You can find some great examples at Ax Paris. This means that rather than being casual streetwear, the skater dress can be anything from a flirty sundress to a prom dress, and it's a style that is very fashionable right now.

The Cut
A skater dress has a fitted bodice, and then a skirt made from a circle of fabric. This is what gives it its trademark flare when you spin around in it. A full circle skirt creates the biggest flare, but skater dresses can also be made with less than a full circle, down to a semi-circle, giving less volume in the skirt and less 'twirl'. Skater dresses are usually short, because the cut gains more and more volume the longer the skirt gets (as the circle gets bigger), and aside from ball gowns and bridal gowns very full maxi skirts aren't very common. The shortest skater dress styles also make the best use of the movement of the skirt, and are of course more reminiscent of the figure skaters the dresses are inspired by.

Who Skater Dresses Are Flattering For
As long as you don't mind showing some leg, the skater dress is a very easy style to wear and suits most shapes. The fitted bodice gives a nice silhouette and highlights the waist while the full skirt skims over the hips, bottom, upper thighs and lower belly, creating an hourglass shape while also hiding what many women think of as their problem areas. Skater dresses can come with almost any kind of neckline and with or without sleeves or straps, and so it is easy to choose a style that compliments your upper body. 

Day to Night
Another great thing about skater dresses is their versatility. You can find attractive skater dresses in jersey and cotton for daytime in just about any colour or print, and these can also be dressed up for evening with accessories, giving you a great outfit for hitting the shops or a fun evening out. You can also find more formal skater dresses in things like lace that can make fantastic evening dresses, or even bridesmaid dresses for an informal wedding. 
Check out some of the great skater dresses currently around in the online boutiques and on the high street, and you are almost certain to fall in love with this fun and flattering cut and want to wear it all summer long!

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