If there is one thing that is worth investing in, it's lingerie. Making sure you are giving those lovely breasts of yours the love and care they deserve is important. We all know we should be spending more on good quality underwear - especially bras, and making sure they are fitting us properly. Saying that I think we are all guilty of sometimes thinking more about the bank balance over taking care of our bodies. I'm sure we've all been there, you buy cheap bras thinking you will be saving a few pounds, but most of the time that £6 bra ends up falling apart, or ends up giving you back and neck ache. I truly believe investing in good quality underwear and lingerie is money well spent. Your boobs and bum will thank you for it!

As a lady with fairly large breasts, I often find shopping for bras on the high street stressful. With limited styles in larger sizes and quite often nothing in my size at all I find shopping online is so much easier and there is a lot more choice. I love House Of Fraser for lingerie, and with having so many brands available such as Ann Summers, Calvin Klein and Heidi Klume Intimates to name just a few, there's always something available in the style and size you want. Whether you are buying for everyday wear, for a special occasion or even for a special someone, HOF is the best place to shop for stocking up your knicker drawer.

With happy bodies in mind, I have picked out my favourite pieces from House Of Fraser's lingerie department.

Sexy and sassy
The fun part about lingerie shopping definitely comes from this category! Feeling sexy and dressing up is all part of the fun and is normally a warmly welcomed treat from all parties. 

Lingerie @ HOF

Being a blogger means I spend a lot of my time on my laptop and phone. Not having a lovely white Macbook which are oh so pretty with that lit up apple logo, and instead having a less pretty black laptop left me feeling like my lovely little lappy was always going to be a gloomy looking thing. That was before I dressed my tech with a laptop skin and phone case from Caseapp.co.uk.* Caseapp have a range of cases for laptops and phones, in so many different colours and patterns, as well as the option to design your very own custom case, just to be extra fancy! The laptop skin is a sticky sheet so it is super easy to apply and if you get bored or want a new design, it simply peels back off.

As my laptop tends to follow me around most of of the time joining me in my office and bedroom, I decided to get a pre-designed skin which would colour coordinate with the interior decor in my home so she will look right at home on my desk with her lovely new look. I love the marble effect and just to be all matchy matchy I also gave my phone a little makeover with the white and gold marble phone case. I've gone marble mad.
Dress your tech

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Irresistible hair

When shopping for diamond jewelry, you need to determine if what you’re looking at is a real diamond or a fake diamond. Although browsing stones at reputable retailers like ascotdiamonds.com will nearly eliminate the odds of ending up with a fake diamond priced like a real one, you should still know the main signs of a fake diamond, just to be sure that you are not being tricked. Continue reading to learn a few of the main ways that you can tell if a diamond is actually real.

Ways to tell if a diamond is real

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Latitude Festival


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