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Being a blogger means I spend a lot of my time on my laptop and phone. Not having a lovely white Macbook which are oh so pretty with that lit up apple logo, and instead having a less pretty black laptop left me feeling like my lovely little lappy was always going to be a gloomy looking thing. That was before I dressed my tech with a laptop skin and phone case from Caseapp.co.uk.* Caseapp have a range of cases for laptops and phones, in so many different colours and patterns, as well as the option to design your very own custom case, just to be extra fancy! The laptop skin is a sticky sheet so it is super easy to apply and if you get bored or want a new design, it simply peels back off.

As my laptop tends to follow me around most of of the time joining me in my office and bedroom, I decided to get a pre-designed skin which would colour coordinate with the interior decor in my home so she will look right at home on my desk with her lovely new look. I love the marble effect and just to be all matchy matchy I also gave my phone a little makeover with the white and gold marble phone case. I've gone marble mad.

Caseapp are also very kindly giving my followers 20% off of your own custom caseapp iPhone case/laptop skin with my discount code 'HAYLEYESZTI20'

Make moves!


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