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I absolutely love shopping online. Browsing from the comfort of your own sofa with a cup of tea in hand is much more appealing to me than going out and trudging around multiple shops, standing in queues and getting hot and sweaty. That being said, shopping online comes with an element of risk. Not being able to physically try things on on to see how they fit your figure can sometimes leave you debating whether or not to click add to basket or to woman up and brave the stores and hit the changing rooms. But that's just effort, right?

Shopping online is meant to make our lives more convenient. Often online shops have thousands upon thousands of stock for us to browse through, which is great and it means we are bound to find something we love eventually but it can make finding exactly what you are looking for time consuming. With this is mind, George have recently come up with a feature called the 'dress selector' tool. It aims to help you find the dresses that are perfect for you for the occasion you want and with your body type, body likes and dislikes, and your style preferences all taken into consideration. It recommends dresses to you based on your selections, and only shows dresses that are suitable for what you are looking for. Handy right? It's kind of like having a personal shopper all of your own, and that's the kind of thing dreams are made of. The tool then leads you to a customised shopping page where everything should be of interest and tailored to your specific requirements and style and I found masses of dresses that were complimentary to my figure with no stomach baring dresses in sight! (Phew, it's been a long summer of eating too much cake) 

When trying the dress selector tool out for myself, I was asked to tick the boxes most relevant to me from the following options:
- Body type (Average)
- Your closest body shape (Hourglass)
- The occasion you are shopping for (Graduation)
- Favourite part of your body (Chest)
- The part of your body you do not want to draw attention to (Stomach)
- The trend that inspires you (Bohemian)

Go ahead and try the dress selector tool out for yourself! I picked out the following dresses using the tool.

denim dress outfit

Dainty Denim | Click to shop
Light, comfortable, and cool.
Throw this on on a cool summer evening for an effortless and comfortable outfit. You can never go wrong with denim and it's so wearable. It's a great summer to autumn transition piece and I'll be wearing this denim number with tights and ankle boots when the temperature starts to drop, but let's not talk about that right now... 

coral dress George at Asda @ hayleyeszti
coral dress George at Asda @ hayleyeszti
Coral crochet | Click to shop
Summery, bright and airy.
Perfect for summer parties and formal events. The coral colour is absolutely stunning and the gorgeous bat sleeves makes it such a fun dress to wear. The sleeves combined with the belt nipping you in at the waist creates such a lovely silhouette and compliments all body shapes. 

pretty in pink dress George at asda @ hayleyeszti
Pretty in pink | Click to shop
Flattering, feminine and patterned.
Not being much of a pink person, and owning no pink clothing prior to this, means this dress is a little out of my comfort zone. I wasn't entirely convinced when I ordered it but as the dress selector recommended this style of dress for me I gave it a go and I'm glad I did. The bodycon fit is flattering on the hour glass figure and ladies with curves and it's such a pretty summer dress that can be worn casually or dressed up. 

Which is your favourite dress of the three?


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