Ways to tell if a diamond is real

When shopping for diamond jewelry, you need to determine if what you’re looking at is a real diamond or a fake diamond. Although browsing stones at reputable retailers like ascotdiamonds.com will nearly eliminate the odds of ending up with a fake diamond priced like a real one, you should still know the main signs of a fake diamond, just to be sure that you are not being tricked. Continue reading to learn a few of the main ways that you can tell if a diamond is actually real.

Check the Diamond with a Loupe at Home
There are ways that you can check a diamond at home to determine if it is real. Start by purchasing a high quality loupe that will dramatically magnify the stone. Look for naturally occurring imperfections, as a fake stone will be absolutely perfect.

Then analyze the edges of the diamonds. A real diamond will have sharp edges, while a fake one will showcase rounded edges. And, finally, look at the mounting to see how the diamond is set. If the setting appears to be of a poor quality, it probably is not a real diamond.  

Check How the Diamond Sparkles

Diamonds are able to bend and refract light, while fake diamonds will have lower refractive indexes. If a diamond is not mounted in a setting, place it over a piece of newspaper. The light should prevent any of the black type from showing through. And if the stone is mounted, you should not be able to see through the stone to the mount.  

Also, when you look inside a diamond, it should sparkle white and gray. Outside of the diamond, it should reflect rainbow colors on surfaces. If the diamond is fake, it will showcase rainbow colors inside the stone. Remember, real diamonds sparkle gray, so if you are seeing rainbow colors within the stone, it’s probably fake.

Perform the Fog Test

Another easy way to try to discern if a diamond is real or not is by breathing hot air onto it, just as you would if you were trying to fog up your mirror. If the diamond is fake, it will end up fogging up for a bit of time. A real diamond, on the other hand, will not be able to retain the heat, so it will not fog up.

Perform the Sandpaper Test

Another easy test involves taking a piece of sandpaper and rubbing it against the surface of the diamond. If it does not scratch, it is a real diamond. If it does get scratched up, it isn’t real.

Have a Gemologist Take a Look

After performing the at-home tests above, you can always take your diamonds to a gemologist for an examination. He or she will be able to thoroughly analyze the stones and let you know if they are truly diamonds or not.

Always keep the tips above in mind when shopping for diamond jewelry so that you can rest assured that you are truly getting what you’re paying for.

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