Should You Try Micro-Needling (Dermaroller) or Not?

If you have heard of something called Dermaroller then you likely would have heard of Micro-needling. Dermaroller is just the more common name for it. If you haven't, and you are unsure what it is exactly, it's a process by which a roller or stamp-like tool covered in tiny needles is used to poke many holes into the skin. The holes are so small that they are barely visible, but collectively they are meant to improve skin health.
You might be wondering how such a process could possibly improve skin health. You may also have concerns that it could be painful. But, before you totally rule micro-needling out, you need to be aware that it is actually a fairly safe and effective form of skin treatment.

Using a Dermaroller Device on Skin
Dermarollers are quite different from cosmetic-lasers that use lasers to treat the skin. While lasers use a combination of a certain light frequency and heat, Dermarollers and other micro-needling tools like Dermastamps treat the skin with needles.

When the needles puncture the skin they leave tiny holes in multiple skin layers. You can think of those holes as being like microscopic elevator shafts. They can be used to help medicated creams and lotions travel down into your deeper skin layers faster. In addition to that, the small amount of damage done by the needles will be viewed by your body as an attack. Therefore, it will send out the cavalry in the form of elastin, collagen, and other healthy proteins to repair the skin and restore its strength.

Types of Micro-Needling Tools Available
If you are trying to envision a micro-needling tool in your head, just picture a pen, a stamp on a stick, or a tin paint roller. All three types of devices are available. Dermapens treat tiny areas, while Dermarollers treat larger areas. The Dermastamps, meanwhile, can be used to treat in between areas or areas that are difficult to use a rolling device on.

Micro-Needling is Not as Uncomfortable as You Might Think
You might think that micro-needling would be uncomfortable, or even painful. However, it isn't as uncomfortable as you might think. Your clinician will numb the entire treatment area before the procedure. So, you shouldn't feel much discomfort at all.

The fact is that there are even at-home micro-needling devices available that you can buy if you want to do the procedure yourself. If it was extremely painful, people wouldn't do it themselves. Even so, it is still better to have the procedure performed by a professional than to attempt it yourself, especially if you have never undergone skincare treatments before.

Safety is Not the Only Micro-Needling Treatment Concern
Keep in mind that, even though micro-needling is relatively safe, that's not the only concern that you should think about. It also needs to be done properly by a skilled professional in order to yield the best and fastest results. That's why it's so important for you to research skincare clinics thoroughly before picking one.

How Often You Should Have Dermaroller, Pen, or Stamp Treatments
The exact frequency of Dermaroller treatments can vary slightly depending on individual cases. You will almost definitely need to make multiple appointments. However, it is absolutely imperative that those appointments be spaced out over a long period of time. Your skin has to be able to fully recover from one procedure before you have another. Also, you may continue to see skin improvements quite a while after your appointment is over. So, you might not need additional appointments too soon after the initial one.


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