If you aren’t a cookie-cutter-size teen like some of your classmates, do not despair. There are plenty of plus-size teens out there. In fact, the market for plus-size clothing for teens has increased exponentially. Long gone are the days when full-figured teens were forced to wear the “traditional” plus-sized clothing that aged them beyond their years and left them with little choice but to be matronly in appearance.

When it came to formal wear, oh no! Formal wear for plus-sized teens relegated them to the mother-of-the-bride section, and they ended up invariably selecting gowns so modest they could not be described as anything but dowdy.

Look for shops that specialize in prom wear – you may be tempted to go to bridal shops since they do carry a wide-variety of sizes in, not only their mother-of the-bride dresses, but also in the bridesmaid section. But, let’s stop you there. The kinds of dresses you’ll find at the bridal shop will be dresses designed to call attention to the bride, and not her attendants or family.

What does this mean? Shop where you can find a plethora of dresses designed for plus-sized teens. You’ll find a great variety of plus size prom dresses for prom 2017 at Peaches Boutique, a Chicago-based brick and mortar shop that has an amazing selection online, too.

Prom Prep For the Plus-Size Teen


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