Prom Prep For the Plus-Size Teen

If you aren’t a cookie-cutter-size teen like some of your classmates, do not despair. There are plenty of plus-size teens out there. In fact, the market for plus-size clothing for teens has increased exponentially. Long gone are the days when full-figured teens were forced to wear the “traditional” plus-sized clothing that aged them beyond their years and left them with little choice but to be matronly in appearance.

When it came to formal wear, oh no! Formal wear for plus-sized teens relegated them to the mother-of-the-bride section, and they ended up invariably selecting gowns so modest they could not be described as anything but dowdy.

Look for shops that specialize in prom wear – you may be tempted to go to bridal shops since they do carry a wide-variety of sizes in, not only their mother-of the-bride dresses, but also in the bridesmaid section. But, let’s stop you there. The kinds of dresses you’ll find at the bridal shop will be dresses designed to call attention to the bride, and not her attendants or family.

What does this mean? Shop where you can find a plethora of dresses designed for plus-sized teens. You’ll find a great variety of plus size prom dresses for prom 2017 at Peaches Boutique, a Chicago-based brick and mortar shop that has an amazing selection online, too.

When choosing a prom gown, there are a few things to note as you are prepping to purchase.

It may be tempting, but do not buy dresses “a size up” – and don’t just opt for the easy tent -or trapeze-style dress. Clothes that are too big can actually increase your size visually and those too small will emphasize areas you should minimize. This means, don’t “anticipate” you’re going to lose weight, and order a gown in a size that you will have to struggle to get into; and if you do get into it, it won’t be flattering.

Color is your friend! It’s tempting to just grab black because it’s classic and has been known to hide many ills. Look for a lively color that you’re fond of because it will make you feel good. With over 40 designers to choose from, Peaches Boutique knows just what plus-sized teens want in a prom gown. You can easily choose a dress as they have a huge collection of dresses available in different colors.

Even the famous, known for banging bodies wear great support garments (i.e. “Spanx”). Wearing the right undergarments can smooth and tuck and make the line of your dress look its best. Save enough money so that you can buy a special bra to wear with the dress. This means, you need to find a bra with an appropriate neckline. You may even have to opt for other kinds of bras or support.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize. Pay close attention to your shoes, bag, and jewellery. You want a completed, pulled-together look.  That all-over care refers to beauty regimes, too. This means that prom prep should include spa time or home-spa time. Do a scrub, condition your hair, spend time on your makeup.

The on-trend fashion website Refinery 29 doesn’t discriminate in sizes. They posted an interesting article in which they interviewed an actual plus-size dress designer and pattern maker (Trudy Hanson). She points out that 67% of the population dominate the clothing market.

The most famous yo-yo dieter in the world has to be Oprah Winfrey, so it should come as no surprise that her magazine and website never forget the plus-size audience, fan and reader. An article on her website takes a look at this very relevant subject, called “8 Must-Have Fashion Tips for Plus-Sized Women”.

With the points discussed above, you can surely find a dress that will make you look stunning and comfortable throughout the entire night.

This article is published in partnership with Mediabuzzer.

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